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First, a thorough analysis of the butter shortage crisis by a typical Norwegian. H/T Gates of Vienna for this one.

I must say, that’s a better analysis than the Scandinavian media which blames the butter shortage in Norway on the writings of Fjordman.

Here is a National Post explanation of the actual shortage. Like a typical communist nation, they are fining anyone bringing butter in from outside the country to compensate because, I dunno. I guess it makes their commie command and control dairy look bad unlike not having any butter doesn’t make them look bad for some reason.

Remember the drunk girl on the train, jailed over the holidays for expressing herself without sticking to the narrative?

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  1. Man, hes really pissed without his butt-lube.

    Really this is a conspiracy by the communists to make sure the population stays thin and in conformity with the national health standards to make sure no child goes un-hungry.

  2. This may get to No 1 in the music charts …..Can`t wait to here the excuses from the multi-culti BBC as to why they will have to ban it! David Cameroon would have a nervous breakdown as the Brit gov are trying to pretend these moments of spontaneous self awareness do not exist in the “richly and wonderfully diverse” former ….. England.
    Unfortunately they do not have a “Siberia” to send any possible indigenous dissidents. Instead they have to house them in the general British prison population and take away their children for their punishment as the state did with this women until she was initially broken and racially “re-educated”. When will she learn the destruction of a thousand years of British culture through invasion and mass forced integration is “GOOD FOR US”……….(According to the leftists).
    But in Tibet apparently the same invasion (by ethnic Chinese) and forced integration is VERY BAD! The leftist ideologues really do want it both ways.

  3. The second video is great, I hope the people making it keep up the good work.

    The first shows the infantile thought processes of the politically correct.

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