US plans $1 trillion investment in India

What’s a trillion between friends ay? Well, while I doubt the US can afford this, it’s probably worth it just for how much it will piss off Pakistan.

From IBN:

KOCHI: The United States will invest one trillion dollars for infrastructure development in India, said Nirupama Rao, India’s ambassador to the US.

She was speaking at an interactive session organised by the Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and its Ladies’ Forum at the Chamber Hall on Thursday.

In order to discuss the possibilities of investment, a trade delegation led by the United States Commerce Minister will visit India By March, 2012. Discussions towards an ever green revolution similar to the earlier Green Revolution using US expertise to increase agriculture production and rural income will take place.

Space technology for monsoon prediction and for linkage between farm and market will also be considered. Nirupama said that around 2.8 million Malayalis are part of the Indian community in the US.

In terms of trade, business contracts between the two countries have grown exponentially over the last few years. Also, the imports and exports are on the rise. In the last five years, the US exports to India have increased three times and Indian exports to the US have doubled.

The FDI by the US in India has increased seven times, Nirupama added.

Apart from political and strategic cooperation, energy, education, agriculture, science and technology, healthcare, space technology and skill development are the other areas which will be given prominence in the bilateral relations between the two nations. Trade and economic relations will be the central driving force in the multifaceted partnership.

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8 Replies to “US plans $1 trillion investment in India”

  1. Errr, this woman needs to check her numbers.

    1) One TRILLION? For infrastructure? IN freakin India?

    that sounds high.

    2) 2.8 million malayalis that belong to the indian american community?

    No, I don’t think so. My family’s from Kerala, and there’s around 100K of us in the entire US. There are maybe 2.8 million indians total.

  2. a good strategic investment.
    India is undoubtedly the west’s most important ally in Asia.
    it is India that will feel most pain from rampant Pakistani Islamic militancy (once they’ve secured Afghanistan, that is).

  3. A lot of people are saying that Obama wants to punish the US for our success, he sees us as evil colonizers and wants to bring our standard of living down to third world levels. The only way he can get that much money is to print it, and the printing presses are already melting from the amount of money printed, the only semi-good thing is that the subsequent inflation will make it easier to pay off the debt he has stuck us with.

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