Antisemitism, anti-Israel, Quebec TV and abuse of public funds.

First. check out this charming little video from Quebec TV:

We have written up this fellow before. On a story about how a mayor of a Quebec town is actually building a mosque to attract more Muslims, using public funds. Now we know why. He is clearly antisemitic and wants to create a town that reflects his values.

He is also not that popular with the Quebec law society which disbarred him for this stunt.


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4 Replies to “Antisemitism, anti-Israel, Quebec TV and abuse of public funds.”

  1. The whole things is a farce, it is the typical antisemitism blaming the Jews for everything while saying the murders are the victims.

  2. There are many endoctrinated individuals in this world who have actually swallowed the islamist cool-aid (with or without financial assistance). Gendron is an hysteric nihilist, like many other both inside and outside Québec. That being said, he is nonetheless entitled to his own warped opinion, however offensive it may be. By exposing his hysteric mind on television for all to see, it actually brings more good than harm (akin to 911 truthers).

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