Splitting hair in Vienna

Austria must pride itself on very specific distinctions. The conviction on ESW has been maintained by the court of appeals in Vienna with the odd proviso that had she said something in the order of…

‘Mohamed liked to sleep with Children’

That would, according to this judge, be A OK. But because she had said what she did say, specifically that “Mohamed had a thing for young girls”, that was a statement punishable by jail. If she doesn’t pay the fine that is.

I can only assume this is because saying it one way is mocking the religion or its principle deities and personages while saying it the other way is a dry statement of fact.

Even so, I am quite confident that had she said the other, she would have been charged with stating a fact in a context offensive to a “legally recognized religion” but had she said it the other way it would have been perfectly acceptable as a form of humor.

Once again, the words of Christopher Hitchens haunt us all…

“Austria is the country that fooled us all into thinking that Hitler was German and Beethoven was Viennese” 

I have no idea what Elisabeth plans to do next and probably neither does she. But I know what we must all do.

Make T shirts mocking Islam the way the fashionable and young do about Jesus.

Make sure you speak the truth loudly about Islam everywhere you can.

Mock Islam the same way the left mocked Bush and continues to do so to the Republican party. After all, people can chose to be Muslim or republican (although rarely both) and mockery of either one is not racism no matter how many times that meme is howled by the sanctimonious.

Because freedom of speech is a use it or lose it proposition. The moment we tacitly agree to not say certain things for whatever reason, the law fills up the vacuum and you lose the choice to say it.

This includes holocaust denial. Because recent history shows us that suppression of lies causes them to flourish while suppression of the truth makes slaves of us all. Let all say what they may and let the light of day sort out the truth of it.


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  1. Freedom is under attack all around the world, I lived through the Cold War and at no time did I think the West was going to lose, now I think the west is going to win in the long run but that the long run is probably going to be longer then the Cold War was and for most of that time the war will be a hot war of one degree or another.

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