Norway issues pre-Christmas reindeer slaughter threat

I bet you won’t hear David Suzuki or any of the climate profiteers talking about this story. Too busy extorting money out of children for ‘Santa’. 

Norway issues pre-Christmas reindeer slaughter threat

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Norway issues pre-Christmas reindeer slaughter threat

The Local:

Norway’s agriculture minister has threatened to enforce a mass cull of tens of thousands of reindeer unless the Sami authority tasked with herding the animals steps up its efforts to cut the burgeoning population.

According to the Norwegian Reindeer Herders’ Association (NRL), the move would entail the slaughter of as much as a fifth of the reindeer population in the vast Finnmark region, newspaper Aftenposten reports.

“The state is calling for the compulsory slaughter of 60,000 reindeer. They have no right to intervene with such force,” said NRL chief Nils Henrik Sara.

He accused the state of repeatedly changing the rules governing reindeer husbandry without any forewarning or the provision of guidelines, and said the NRL would take a case to the international courts if necessary.

The state has long been on a collision course with reindeer herders from the indigenous Sami minority, and the comments made by Agriculture Minister Lars Peder Brekk when presenting the new strategy last week have done little to ease tensions.

“The high reindeer population is a threat to reindeer husbandry and the entire culture surrounding reindeer herding,” said Brekk (Centre Party).

The minister believes the current reindeer population is unsustainable and implored reindeer herders to take steps to impose a ceiling on the number of animals they keep.

Brekk’s department wants the herders to reduce their financial losses and increase production.

The authorities are also seeking to avoid a repeat of last winter’s scenes, when police received a worryingly high number of reports of dead reindeer thought to have starved to the death amid a grazing shortage on the Finnmark plateau.

NTB/The Local ([email protected])

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4 Replies to “Norway issues pre-Christmas reindeer slaughter threat”

  1. Oh, so the minister bases his premise on merely a ‘belief’ that the current reindeer population is unsustainable? There’s that magical word of ‘unsustainable’ again. Based on the magical belief system of Agenda 21, the ‘agenda’ for the 21st Century, also called the ‘sustainability movement’. Let me guess that the minister isn’t a reindeer herder either, so he really has nothing to say on the matter, does he? Here’s a simple lesson in common sense which too many people are lacking in here; that a professional political hack has no business in intruding into the business of professionals in their own fields. I’m sure the minister is more concerned about saving “Mother Earth” then he is the welfare of reindeer or those who really care for them. Because once your money isn’t any good and the famines begin you’ll be happy to know that there won’t be any reindeer meat to relieve your anguish because the farsighted minister knew enough to do away with such sources of food. Any chance that Minister’s name is Vidkun Quisling?

  2. Trust the Norwegians to go for the kill option That is never far from their minds. Killing whales one minute and killing reindeer the next. Not exactly the friendliest country in the world for animals. Loved by the white supremacists and hated by the animal rights activists. Fry me some whale meat while I change my fur coat.

  3. F.M.A.N., you think that Norway is loved by the white supremacists? Of which I’ll assume you’re one of, by the name you’ve chosen for yourself. Sorry, I’m not into group hatred, I believe in only holding individuals responsible for their own actions and stupid ideas. Go take your cannibalistic provocateuriship and troll somewhere else, eh?

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