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6 Replies to “Obama shuts down border control operations due to discrimination against Mexicans?”

  1. Obama and the Dems want as many illegals as possible in the US, that is why they are moving to remove all of the voter identification laws, they want the illegals to fraudulently vote so Obama can win re-election.

  2. Labour did the same in the UK importing millions of welfare dependent savages knowing the vast majority would vote labour. Cameron’s tories for reasons yet to be explained are continuing in the same fashion. At the same time hundreds of thousands of white Brits pack their bags and clear off. White English speaking taxpayers being replaced by black/brown illiterate welfare spongers/barbarians. Doesn’t look good,does it.

  3. You think the song: I sh** on you is offensive ?

    Not as much as the political reality.

    If you betray your country, isn’t that called treasury ?
    And didn’t they had a certain punishment for that in the old days ?
    If you commit treasury today, people will worship you.

    Oh boy, may God have mercy on us all.

  4. morticia says:
    December 16, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    what an insane bitch…. his ancestors must have drank too much cow blood, they were masai kenyans weren’t they?”

    Actually on his dads side he is a descendent of a long line of Black Muslim Scholars and slavers, mostly slavers. Now, his ancestors mainly serviced the middle east with slaves at a ratio of one man for two women. The men to be temporary disposable soldiers or castrated and act as a slave. The women were for sex and slave work. None survived. Obamas slaver cousins on the west coast serviced the new world with a ratio of two men for each woman for field slaves. They are todays new world Black population. Islam is behind nearly every injustice and atrocity in the world since its inception.

  5. Paris barring the sudden discovery of a FTL drive or a way into an alternate universe there is no where left to run to, we have to stand and fight.

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