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3 Replies to “Michael Coren: Immigration? Or invasion?”

  1. Wow, talk about overstepping bounds. Seems everyone is now happy to go onto your own personal facebook page or twitter account and use it as grounds for administering punishment, whether it be the government, or the employer. The real life thought police.

  2. Unfortunately, too often, the immigrants themselves are not to blame. Too often, Canadian left wing idiots bent on destroying Capitalism and our way of life are behind the scene, pushing an agenda of self destruction. McGuinty is right up front of those cooks to get his voting power. The Feminists groups and other such left leaning entitites are the culprits in most cases.

  3. That is what I sent to the man.
    Mr. Principle
    If you are the one or whomever suspended the student Nathasha Burge for what she expressed, you are or the one is a moron and a bully. If it were me, (hope someone does) I would sue you for violating one of my most basic right, freedom of expression,
    which is one of our basic canadian right. If you are not the one who did it,
    I am sorry and please forward this email to the one who did.
    By the way, are you or is he going to suspend Minister Kennedy?
    Cause he said almost the same thing on TV.

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