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6 Replies to “John Robson: “Show your face or leave””

  1. Muslims cry “off with their heads!”
    We cry “off with their hijabs!”
    Every time a bagged up Muslima appears in court, the judge should always find the verdict AGAINST her interests, and give the reasons as being that her statements can’t be trusted as her face could not be read.
    This should happen EVERY time until these women get the message!
    Muslims claim that a woman’s testimony is almost valueless, therefore we should claim that this only applies to a woman with a bag over her head. Perhaps that’s what Mohammed really meant!

  2. Oh…. and while we’re on the subject, the only witness to Mohammed’s claim to prophethood was his wife Khadija and seeing as her evidence can’t be trusted as she is a woman and there weren’t any male witnesses to the fact, then Mohammed was NOT a prophet!

  3. And they may need 6 months to decide on this? Let’s hope the answer will be No. I don’t even want to imagine what the implication of Yes would be.

  4. And we wonder why we have a deficit. 6 months for the Supreme Court Judges to decide on this issue! Really! The NO decision is so obvious, it boggles the mind whether these judges are just idiots in disguise.

  5. I agree with him, and in a rational world this would be a slam dunk. We aren’t living in a rational world, the left has spent over a century doing their best to destroy rational thought and western civilization, this makes we worry about what the decision will be.

  6. Yes, the answer SHOULD be NO but don’t forget who gets to decide. I seldom agree with any decision from the Supreme Court (of &&^^%&). Don’t get your hopes up for a sane decision or a decision the majority of Canadians would approve.

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