Clip on Australians funding their own demise to the tune of millions

I don’t know exactly how old this clip is. But I thought I would post it as part of the theme of, ‘Robert Spencer in Australia Week’ as I have a lecture and three interviews up so far, it seems a decent idea to post why exactly the Q society of Australia would go to the effort and expense of bringing him in.

For more on Islam in Australia, go to MRCTV.ORG and search my channel or the site in general for Australia and you will see more of this material there.

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6 Replies to “Clip on Australians funding their own demise to the tune of millions”

  1. Didn’t realise the posts both went. I had trouble with the first

    Nil I think it may be older, it was when Anna Coren was on ACA

  2. Hi Vlad

    I’m an aussie and I don’t watch TV so this is news to me! Even if it’s old news it’s still news to me and still going on. Good Lord how I hate these dole bludging multibirthing parasitic terrorists. What is to be done?

    Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. Shirl I remember when this report first aired – I was livid and went hunting for ways to complain about him and his attitude. That’s when I learned more about the Racial and Religious (in)Tolerance Act. Like first you have to write in (snail mail in this day and age), and then they need to find the person you’re complaining about, and then approach them and see what they have to say.

    And on and on through facilitation and all the rest. As a skip, it just wasn’t worth the effort at the time, as even back then I knew how the land lies. Not in my favour.

    I started blogging in May of 2005, and my first piece on Benbrika is here.

    I really need to update all the costings. It’s remarkable how much money he and his tribe have sucked out of us over the 20-odd years they’ve been here.

    That’s just one family.

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