White house considers domestic terrorism, ‘work place accidents’?

Long time readers of Vlad may remember that some time ago, I did a video, one of my first ever actually, asking that people write their representatives in DC asking that Private Long be given a purple heart at the least as he was clearly killed while in the line of duty by an enemy of the USA. The white house of course refuses to see his murder/killing as an act of war, even though the person who did it was a religious Muslim who did it in the name of Jihad.

I guess that purple heart is still a ways away depending on who wins in 2012. Let’s hope it is someone who is willing to admit who the enemy is and what their ideological motives are.

I will try and find that video, now removed from youtube and put it back up here.

H/T Winds of Jihad

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5 Replies to “White house considers domestic terrorism, ‘work place accidents’?”

  1. The purple heart is given to those wounded, not killed. Sorry on that, the medal system can be screwed up but in this case it wasn’t.

    Death and dismemberment are occupational hazards when you are a soldier, but dying in a terror attack that could have been prevented is not a work place accident. This administration has done more to damage the US then all of the armed enemies we have ever fought.

  2. Yes, until we can identify our enemies, as well as their allies:

    “The interests of Muslims coincide with the interests of the Socialists in the war against the Crusaders.” -audiotape message of Osama bin Laden from Al Jazeera TV as translated by Reuters on 14 February 2003.

  3. The rationale is twisted, to be sure. I hope there is some benefit for the victims due to this classification. Maybe this will get them compensation they would not otherwise get. However, if not, and the victims benefit less, they should sue.

  4. They got the Insurance, and I think the kids are drawing money until they are 18. But this was when it was not a work place accident, that may have been changed with the new phrasing.

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