Ezra Levant busts CBC and their rather pathetic dirty tricks dept.

This will be of interest only to Canadians and people who are curious as to the issues concerning state media especially television.

It is a little long winded, but Ezra does give you a punch line at the end. The only good thing about this is, CBC is so unused to actually being taken to task or being accountable they don’t seem very sophisticated at the kind of deception they clearly are practicing. Lets hope the govt. defunds them and then we won’t have to care. Anyone wishing to write the minister of heritage and asking the government to stop public funding of the CBC would be much appreciated.

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2 Replies to “Ezra Levant busts CBC and their rather pathetic dirty tricks dept.”

  1. Government funding of news organizations is an evil that keeps repeating over and over, and they always end up spouting the line the party of big government.

  2. It cannot be said enough: “The CBC is no match for Ezra”. Hopefully, very soon, the CBC will be brought on the carpet to pay for their transgresssions.

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