Iraqi woman arrested for sending her 9 year old son to be ‘martyred’.

Many people wonder why Muslims would attack a mosque and claim its proof that this is not a religious issue and the problem can’t lie with Islam.

They think this because they do not understand the fundamental fact of Islam that Muslims do understand and occasionally even tell us.

Mosques are political institutions and the places from which military campaigns and terrorist activities are planned and often the weapons are constructed and stored in them. Mosques are not churches. The president of Turkey made this quite clear in his recent statement about Mosques being barracks, minarets being bayonets and Muslims being soldiers. So it is only surprising that competing flavors of Islam do not blow up mosques more often than they actually do, as they suffer no illusions about mosques as places of peaceful worship.


Nov 29 2011

Picture of a 9 years old boy who blown up a Shia mosque in Iraq


(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – According to an Iraqi security forces, police arrested a Wahhabi woman in Sunni dominated region of Diali who has sent her 9 years old boy to suicide in a Shiite mosque.

The arrested terrorist woman, S.Alabidi, confessed that in year 2006, she and her husband have wrapped their boy, Kadhim, with explosive belt to blow up Shiite mosque in Diali province.

In the attack 9 Shia martyred and 8 others injured.

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  1. Yes, there’s nothing like the love of a good, loyal muslim mother or father is there? Let’s import more, shall we?

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