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2 Replies to “Newt Gingrich speech with much worth thinking about.”

  1. Gingrich has oft spoken about the threat of Islam, yet his statement on medical professionals not being mandated to perform proceedures counter to personal faith dictat is far too broad. I hope he clarifies his position to corral sharia from the medical field. It’s been discussed at various websites that the Physicians Oath is not uniform and has of late become far too elastic – in fact, in documented instances, sharia compliant. Lan Astaslem.

  2. No his statement is not too broad, no one should be forced to perform any medical procedure that their religion says is wrong.

    Newt is a good man and would be a strong candidate, today I read a prediction that he would be one of three left standing in the Republican field, the political professional who made the prediction said that the Romney and either Michelle or Cain, probably Michelle would be the other two.

    I don’t know who is going to win the nomination, but I do know that if any thing Newt downplayed the importance of the 2012 elections, and I disagree with him that it will take 8 hard years to reverse the damage. It will take the better part of this Century to reverse the damage and once again teach people to stand on their own two feet. To be responsible for their own actions and to take care of themselves rather then waiting for a Government handout. To once again create a nation where freedom reigns.

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