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6 Replies to “Very reassuring”

  1. The BBC isn’t even embarrassed about this! They know we know, they know they know, and yet they pretend that we don’t know – which makes them doubly stupid. Hilarious if not so damn dangerous!

    BTW, you’d think they might learn to use English. What’s with the “fig leaf” reference to the parliament’s power? Isn’t the purpose of a fig leaf to hide your genitalia while otherwise naked? Wouldn’t the term “figurative” or something similar be more appropriate for these writers to use?

  2. The trouble is (and this is the trouble with the whole public sector in the uk) no one will hold the Burkha Broadcasting Authority to account for these statements, or any of the other pro Islam statements they make. As a public broadcaster paid for by larceny, they should be expected to have a higher standard of probity than “mere” private broadcasters.

    But when the inevitable happens you’ll just here no more about it, it will become an unfact to the collective.

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