It seems that some Westerners are waking up.

I have been saying since I started this site, that the solution to most of our current day issues concerning islam, leftism and every other attempt to force totalitarian rule upon us, is more freedom not less.

This is a great example of this.  Given the chance, US advertisers chose not to support Islamic propaganda and as a consequence, if freedom is applied, the show will fail. But in Canada, since the CBC gets 1.66 Billion dollars of taxpayers money a year and so far, doesn’t have to account for a penny of it, and is also exempt from all the regulations and organizations which govern Canadian media that all other broadcast media has to abide by, Canada’s preposterous and offensive-to-the-truth Islamic propaganda coup, ‘Little Mosque on the Prairie’ still does very well.

The whole face-covering-in-public thing could also be solved by allowing business to deny access to women wearing burkas should they choose to for their own reasons, and if the government stops making exceptions for people in burkas (I didn’t say women, because sometime it is men disguising themselves as women for criminal purposes) where people in tinted motorcycle helmets would never be allowed.

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  1. I saw a few episodes of Little Mosque on the Prarie and was appalled. The whole purpose of the show was to depict non muslim North Americans as dim witted and stupid because they don’t know absolutely everything about Islam and Muslims.

    The purpose of the show is to inspire a feeling of identity superiority (racism, bigotry etc) in muslims against all other North Americans. If the cultural identities were switched the show would have been taken off the air immediately for extreme racism and the participants would never work again.

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