Muslim Brotherhood Under Attack by Anonymous Activists

From European Son

The Muslim Brotherhood has received a video warning from the internet activist movement, “Anonymous.” In a video posted on YouTube by The AnonMessage, and titled “Operation Brotherhood Takedown,” a computer-generated voice says that “Anonymous has decided to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood.” It says that Anonymous “shall proceed to dismantle any form of its [the MB’s] organization from the internet. Nothing will stop us. We will show no mercy. Operation Brotherhood Takedown engaged.”  Continue reading!

4 Replies to “Muslim Brotherhood Under Attack by Anonymous Activists”

  1. anonymous are a bunch of spotty kids intent on committing social suicide.
    they think sacrificing themselves, or better still, impressionable netbrats, using software that allows the user to be traced, will actually make a difference to an organisation that is in it for the long game and is prepared to kill to gets its way.
    now they have also allied themselves with the animal liberation front, thus ensuring the widest number of people who will have an interest in finding them and punishing them.
    silly misguided kids.

  2. Their message proves they know very little about Islam or the Moslem brotherhood. We are going to have to wait and see if they are actually going to do anything, other then provide light amusement for the adults.

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