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9 Replies to “Michael Coren Nov 22 2011”

  1. If we want our civilisation to survive, then all Muslims have to be deported. All of them, no exceptions.

    This is hard to understand, but given the dire strait that our idiot political elite have placed us in, there are no other options left.

    The question is how and when?

  2. I vote for deporting the idiots among Canadian society who encourage and support the ideas such as prayer rooms in our public schools, immigration from mosly Islamist countries, etc. They are the problem. Many Muslims just want to become Canadian and live within our culture and values.

  3. The problem is that we remember when we lived in free nations and had rights, now we live in nations that are moving into totalitarian governing systems and are resisting. The wanna be dictators can’t allow this since they want to continue to be able to tell us how we are to live our lives.

  4. The more Muslims and Islam we have in the West, the more necessary it will be for the government to move towards authoritarianism. This has to be as Muslims cannot be controlled by anything else but. We too will then have Arab Springs, where the hope of establishing a liberal democracy will be crushed, to be replace with yet another repressive regime. And so on.

    This is the natural cycle in any nation that has a majority of Muslims.

  5. The homosexual rights groups and Islam do have something in common: they are both interested in legalising child sex. They are paedos! Sodomites have an unhealthy interest in boys and the Mahomatons have an equally unhealthy and most abominable interest in girls because Mahomet raped his legal wife, Aisha, when she was only 9; and he is the exemplar for all his followers. The Rev John Wesley said of the Mahomatons or Islam were a “disgrace to human nature”. Praise God for John Wesley.

  6. These worshippers of the Dead Paedophile, are causing alarm, dissent and despondency wherever they go and should be returned to their country’s of origin from whence they came. It is intolerable that they should be allowed to bring their uncivilised form of worship including their halal slaughter of animals into decent society and, the sooner that we rid ourselves of these usurper’s, the better.

  7. Peter

    It will take a major civil war in Europe to get rid of these invaders.

    Things are moving along that way. If the Euro collapses and there are food riots, as in Egypt, we may yet see a “European” Spring.

  8. DP111 you are right, things are heading that way every where, the length and violence of the civil wars are going to determine if civilization survives or not.

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