Who is more totalitarian, Afghanistan, or the EU?

This story makes me rather ill. To recap so far,

A Danish film maker does a documentary about Afghanistan and women’s (lack of) rights there.

Her film is then banned by some (until now) unelected faceless bureaucrat at the European Union because he is afraid of making the Afghan justice system look bad. The exact point of the fifth estate is in fact, to expose the horrors of government institutions and even private ones, so the EU banning a documentary for telling the truth strikes me as every bit as bad as what the Afghans are doing to their women. Worse in that Afghan women know they can expect this at least.

The subtext the EU bureaucrat uses, is that it might endanger the life of the young woman languishing in an Afghan jail. At least the EU was smart enough to make-up a reason that would be more palatable to those EUropeans still living in the gossamer-thin illusion that they live in a democracy.

Next, the Danish film maker goes back to Afghanistan where she says quite clearly that she wants Europeans to see her in jail, to know what happened to her specifically to embarrass the Karzai government in the hopes something will change. Again, this is the entire point of mass media. This woman could have been a student of Thomas Jefferson.

This of course shows that there is only one reason the EU bans the documentary. To not make Islam or Islamic law look bad, merely because it is bad. The EU does not lift the ban even though the victim explains how much she wants this information to get out.

Now, the Afghan government is offering her a ‘get-out-of-jail early card if she marries her rapist.

Watch the EU bureaucrat explain why he banned a film for all Europeans. Clearly Western EUrope lost the cold war. Truth, takes a distant back seat to convenience for a few.

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4 Replies to “Who is more totalitarian, Afghanistan, or the EU?”

  1. the EU is as much about propaganda as any thing else.
    even if it is some one elses.
    they are trying to “out-perform” the UN methinks.

  2. So far I would say Afghanistan although EU is well on it’s way of morphing into EUSSR. One big superstate/police state. There have been many disturbing signs over the years, maybe the Lisbon Treaty the worst. Only one country was allowed to vote about it and that was Ireland. First election said No. So they had another one. I’m sure there would have been a third if they had voted No once more. There is also a footnote in the treaty that allows for death penalty in cases of uprisisngs, rebellions and rioting. Also, most nations gets to vote for their president. We didn’t. We the people haven’t elected this Mr Van Rumphole-guy.

  3. The EU was set up to be a socialist super government that would spread around the world, for this to happen they had to remove all true democratic or republican aspects from their government allow only show programs like the European Parliament. Germany and France are running the EU so they can take over Europe by political means rather they military means. Merkel has said as much in some recent speeches. Look at the actions of the EU, not the speeches and you will get a better idea of the goals of the EU leaders. Their actions are, trying to force sovereign nations into giving up their freedom and allowing the “Elite” leaders to run their nations.

    I would be very worried if I didn’t expect a major war in the near future, a war that will destroy the EU.

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