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10 Replies to “Leader of new, ‘British Freedom Party’ deals with hostile interview in Holland”

  1. That was fantastic. I hope Mr. Weston remains that sharp, since such attacks from the lamestream islamophilic media are only likely to increase.

  2. I think Mr Weston will always prove able to turn such attacks back on themselves. I doubt Jeremy Paxman will fare any better against him either.

  3. A CBC reporter couldn’t of done a better job. Shame on a reporter who keeps focusing on attacking people who try their best to fight the Islamization of our western democracies. Muslims are not the problem here. Islam is.

  4. I think we have heard the slurs racism and so on so often that it is relatively easily to parry them now and to prepare for them. I have a technique with Islamophobia and that is to question the islamophobia of the person spreading the smear. Get him or her tell you why they are not fully muslim. What is it about Islam that they dislike or have a phobia about that prevents them from becoming another fine religion of peacer: a moderate loving muslim who never harms a fly.

  5. What is WITH these Westerners who should know better, who would defend theocratic totalitarianism in the West despite the obvious threats to our way of life? What is that mental block which this interviewer suffers?

    In elementary school they told us “we are all equal”. This oversimplified instruction for a 4-year-old somehow becomes crystallized in the stunted mind of an adult as “all belief systems are equal”. The instruction to a child: “don’t hit”, develops into 60-year-olds protesting on the street, joining ‘flotillas’ etc., who cannot discern military defense from offense.

    I believe there must be a dodo-bird gene in some which prevents the growth of rational thought and instead imprints into the brain mere slogans in some kind of incurable robotic-like thought system. It is incurable in most cases.

    You can see it in the behavior of the ‘occupy’ zombies as they ritualistically repeat everything their leader with a microphone says to them.

    This kind of “sloganistic” thinking needs further psychiatric study and definition. It is a real phenomenon which is affecting huge portions of our population.

  6. Dallas

    Good comment.

    As I’ve said for years, there must be some form of insanity bug or some bug that stunts the development of critical thinking or even commonsense. Thus these reporters appear adult but are in fact mentally stunted.

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