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6 Replies to “MEMRI: Tunisian leadership candidate speaks frankly about the destruction of Israel and the re-formed caliphate”

  1. This is guy is living in a day dream world. He needs love and the KKK can give it to him courtesy of a smack on the head.

  2. We will soon be married and will raise our child to love the white race. One thing I like about Islam and there is not a lot I like about it, but in heaven even the babes are all white.

  3. We met in online and it is great way to meet people and find a love that lasts. I guess hating Jews helps us but our love is based on a deeper foundation than any of that stuff. Will we stick together and fight for the white race. You betcha!

  4. It is so infuriating to hear them talk about the “Arab Spring” when it has so obviously been about the formation of the Caliphate from the very beginning. Why do we keep letting them fool us?

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