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2 Replies to “Roots of the Arab-Nazi alliance. Lecture from 2010”

  1. Sorry, he lost me after claiming that he’s presenting historical truth and then allows his own bigotry to influence his “historical truth”. So, we have the Catholic Church kicking the Jews out of Spain…..um, no, that would be King Ferdinand, who was a Catholic, but not the Catholic Church. Then when talking about Yugoslavia, he aligns the Catholic Church and the muslims in the slaughter of Jews there via the Ustase. Um, no, the Ustase was a Croation political group, amongst whom were “Catholics”, but the Ustase is not the Catholic Church.

    To make this clearer. I am Catholic. Therefore the Catholic Church is commenting on Vlad Teppe’s blog 🙂

    We need less of our own personal bigotry and more of the historical truth, as it was, if we are to overcome this threat of the progressive secularists (insert own preferred name here) and the socio-political ideology of islam.

    For me, with these obvious (and unnecesary) errors, his talk is worthless as I can’t rely on anything else he says.

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