Robert Spencer to debate two jihadists on democracy versus theocracy

From Jihad Watch:

I doubt it will be nearly as much sheer fun as my debates with Marvelous Moustafa Zayed (here and here), but tomorrow night on ABN I’ll be debating the Britain-based jihadists Anjem Chaudary and Abu Izzadeen.

Tune in here at 4PM PST, 7PM EST.

(below, the previous debate linked above)

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5 Replies to “Robert Spencer to debate two jihadists on democracy versus theocracy”

  1. Why is there a discussion in the first place. They won’t listen or think about a damn thing. it just gives them more power by feeling that they are important enough to be listened too. There is a point i believe that talk should stop. You don’t discuss topics with your pet so why on earth with these type of muslims. There are muslims out there who will listen but these are not the ones. The only conclusion I think is that Mr spencer will make them look foolish, which I guess he will. but they will only harden make them more angry. Don’t talk to this type of muslim.

  2. He always makes them look stupid, their arrogance is such that they think no one can best them at anything and thus keep entering into debates. In this the left is smarter they generally set the rules of the debates so they can control what is said.

  3. HKTony:

    The value is for us. There is still a substantial fraction of Western people that do not understand what Islam actually is, and buys the ‘taqiyya’ and spin doctoring by this kind of Muslim for Western consumption. Spencer has no allusions of changing his mind. He is trying to expose him, and his ideology, to a wider audience. Certainly not of much value to anyone who would read this site. But talk to any university student, or faculty for that matter. Or any civil servant or anyone living a life sequestered from reality as leftism has temporarily created for so many.

    They believe Islam is a more noble thing than Capitalist, ‘white’ (male) Western civilization. Spencer likely does this for the benefit of those of them that have a chance of making it back to the light side before it all hits the fan.

  4. War is not only a violent conflict it is a conflict of ideas, prior to and during WWII Germany used propaganda to hide what it was doing and to confuse the wavering so they wouldn’t come out against them. The Moslems are using propaganda to confuse the useful idiots and delay any meaningful resistance to their conquest. Spencer and others, including this blog are working to counter the propaganda and bring more people to recognize the danger in Islam.

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