Charles Adler and Michael Rubin on Iran

Everyone is talking about Iran all of a sudden. If only they had been reading Vlad.

For all interested in how the U.N. and especially the IAEA works, try and find the superb movie, U.N. Me. a really good expose on the UNd its role in international terrorism, genocide and funding prostitution rings in the third world. Not to mention how they are responsible for the proliferation of nuclear weapons to dangerous third world states.

Below, a very short excerpt from the film showing the trophy Pakistan gave the UN IAEA for it’s help in its nuclear weapons program

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  1. If the west doesn’t help Israel will be forced to act on its own, they don’t have the military assets to take out the Iranian nuclear program, they can delay it but not take it out. Obama won’t help Israel unless forced to by the other top Dems and from what I have seen they are also anti-Israel and anti-Semitic.

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