Egypt: Salafists veil statue of sirens in Alexandria


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Arabic translation: Image: Statue (mermaids) in Alexandria, before the veil .. After the veil imposed by the organizers of the party conference Salafi light..

(ANSAmed) – CAIRO, NOVEMBER 2 – The shapes of the mermaids that embellish the fountain of Zeus in the centre of Alexandria have been deemed “inappropriate” by the Salafist Al Nour (Light) party, which decided to “veil” them completely with a sheet during a meeting yesterday evening.

The incident, which was reported by the website of the Al Masri Al Youm newspaper, has unleashed a wave of comment and disbelief on Twitter, where the paper posted pictures “before and after the niqab” of the fountain of the sirens, upon which an enormous placard carries the words: “Egyptian women devote themselves to their husbands and their nation”.

Political leaders of the party, which is at the head of a coalition of Islamist parties that will stand in the forthcoming Egyptian elections from November 28, had recently announced that they were against the statues, deeming them contrary to Islamic tradition, the newspaper reports. “Covering a statue of sirens will certainly lead us to Paradise. I can’t wait,” was the ironic reaction of one Twitter user.

The electoral campaign for the first legislative elections of the post-Mubarak era officially began today and will end two days before the polls open. (ANSAmed).

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3 Replies to “Egypt: Salafists veil statue of sirens in Alexandria”

  1. Muslims would have done it centuries ago if they had the technology. After all, the Pyramids are a monument to the greatness of the Egyptians in the “Time of Ignorance” as Islam refers to various nations pre-Barbaric periods when they were generally civilized. So yes, we can expect to see the pyramids destroyed probably in the next 40 years. After all, they succeeded with the great stone Buddhas without much fuss from us Kuffar.

  2. Hey, wake up! The Great Pyramid of Cheops was covered in marble, with a gilded tip.

    The marble covering the lower three quarters of the pyramid was stripped off to embellish the houses nearby. The tomb was tunneled into by people who knew where to look about a thousand years ago—but then, the information the robbers used became unusable until 1798. For some reason or another, hieroglyphics became impossible to decode.

    All this changed, not because the Muslim Egyptians suddenly became interested in recovering their history, but because Napoleon sent scholars after the piddly little force of 20,000 French infantry that nevertheless sufficed to conquer Egypt.

    Champollion found the Rosetta Stone, and Egyptology was born. The Egyptians are now showing their true interest in their own history once again. In the past, they looted and wrecked the remnants of the Jahiliyya—”the days of ignorance”—without a moment’s hesitation. It must have taken official help to strip as much marble off the Pyramid of Cheops, much less, tunnel into the treasure chamber. As soon as the Islamists take over, be very thankful that European and American museums had the foresight to take the few surviving Egyptian antiquities they could find into their safekeeping.

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