Israel Navy Prepares to Stop Vessels Attempting to Break Maritime Security Blockade

From IDF:

The Israel Navy is prepared to contact two vessels, that according to reports on the internet and in the media, are currently headed toward the Gaza Strip with the intention of breaking the legal maritime security blockade, in the coming days.

The Israel Navy has completed the necessary preparations in order to prevent them from reaching the Gaza Strip.

The purpose of this attempt is to create a provocation against the State of Israel, to break the maritime security blockade on Gaza, and to undermine Israel’s security.

The blockade is legal and in accordance with international law. Furthermore, the Palmer committee appointed by the UN to examine the matter has concluded that the blockade is in fact legal.

It should be stated that any organization or state who wishes to transfer humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip can do so via the existing land crossings and in coordination with the Israeli authorities.

The IDF is fully prepared to guard the safety of Israel and its maritime border and to take any necessary action and prevent vessels from breaking the maritime security blockade.

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3 Replies to “Israel Navy Prepares to Stop Vessels Attempting to Break Maritime Security Blockade”

  1. The world is building towards a major war, tensions can’t be ratcheted much higher before something breaks, what is delaying the start of fighting is the way both sides wants the other to start the shooting.

  2. Hitler solved this ‘problem’ by staging a false flag. As I recall, he sent a number of soldiers into Poland dressed as Polish military, and then had them sneak back into Germany and murder some officials. Border control or German army I think. That was his excuse to start his war of conquest. I believe that we have already seen variations on this theme. The flotilla to Gaza is clearly a variant on the false flag. The idea being, you break a legal and accepted weapons blockade with some civilians but mostly a motive from militant Islam, force Israel’s hand, then claim it was a first strike. It worked to a degree. So it will be interesting to follow this second flotilla this week.

  3. What I was taught was that the Germans who raided the radio station left the bodies of German criminals dressed in Polish uniforms. You are right about this being an attempt to make the Israeli look like the aggressors, in a different post I said that the only reason the war hasn’t yet started is that both sides wants to make the other one start shooting first.

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