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Terrorism questions lead to boycott of airport

Jody Harrison

29 Oct 2011

A BUSINESSMAN said he has stopped flying from Glasgow Airport because of the number of times he has been stopped and questioned by the police under powers designed to crack down on terrorism.

Mohammad Ashraf, chairman of wholesaler Bonanza, now flies from airports in England to avoid the “insult and embarrassment” of being pulled out of the queue and made to answer questions about his travel plans.

He said other members of the Asian business community had experienced similar “harassment” and were considering a similar boycott of the airport.

Police at Glasgow have come in for criticism for their use of Schedule Seven anti-terrorism powers, detailed in the Terrorism Act 2000, giving officers the right to stop and question airline passengers. It has been claimed officers use racial profiling when selecting people, overwhelmingly picking out travellers of Asian and Middle Eastern appearance.

Now Mr Ashraf has said he and his colleagues are fed up with being targeted and arrange to travel through airports where they are not singled out.

He said: “I’ve lost count of the times it has happened there, so I fly through Manchester or London when I have to travel internationally and I am never stopped at those airports.

“It’s hugely embarrassing and insulting when it happens. You are pulled to one side in front of everybody and asked all sorts of stupid and intrusive questions about where you have been and what you have been doing.”

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  1. Perhaps we should all try to fly out of Glasgow Airport, since they are evidently more vigilant than the others. I understand how annoyed and mortified this gentleman must feel (in 2003 I was pulled out of the queue waiting for the Eurostar, and frisked because I’d set off the bleeper, and I was rather embarrassed and inwardly quite indignant at the questioning, with the frisker deciding at length that the wire in my bra was to blame!) – but surely he can understand the reason. Indeed, I have a non-Muslim friend of “Middle Eastern appearance” who has been pulled out of airport queues and closely questioned three times;he laughs it off, because he realises that superficially he “fits the profile” – and surely this gentleman should try to take that same laid back view. His own life might well one day be saved because of the vigilance. Talking of Eurostar travel, I have several times experienced no passport checks at all en route from Brussels or Paris to London, and no attempt to look at travel documents on teaching Londonistan. Madness.

  2. Paris Claims technically England and Scotland are separate nations, they even have different currency, instead of Bank of England notes they have Bank of Scotland notes.

  3. Richard Scotland and England are part of the union. The separate currency thing means that both currencies can be used any where in the UK but it does cause confusion and a lot of jokes from English comedians who poke fun at the currency thing with their best Glasgow accents.

  4. They also have slightly different legal systems, under Scottish law the jury can give the verdict of unproven or not guilty, but under British law not proven is not allowed. The Scots are proud of these differences and most people may not know them, this is why I said they were two nations-states, they are one union but still have slightly different laws and regulations. Like the differences in the laws of the various states in the US, granted the left is doing their best to remove the differences and make us a one size fits all nation.

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