Ezra interviews an expert on gun laws and their consequences.

When you talk to even the most conservative Canadians about the right for private citizens to own guns you lose them. Not allowing guns in the hands of the actual public seems to be a dominant note in the Canadian psyche. This is unfortunate. Gun ownership is at the root of a free and democratic society. It has more to do with democracy than voting. Really. This isn’t about saving lives. Swimming pools kills over ten times the number of innocents than guns do in the United States as one example. Yet there is no demand for pool control. And pools do not save lives or preserve freedom.

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  1. All freedom comes from the barrel of a gun, our Anglo/Saxon heritage of freedom comes from the private ownership of weapons, England stayed free from the Continent after William the Conquer because all free born English were required to own a war bow and practice with it weekly. England was the only nation that allowed the peasants to own weapons that could take an armored knight off his horse. The original British gun laws were written because the towns people were buying guns for self defense and not practicing with the bow.

    All gun laws do is disarm the law abiding people and since the left has spent close to a century spreading propaganda that guns are evil it will take several real hard slaps by reality before the majority of the people in Canada and Britain wake up and start demanding their ancient right to be armed.

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