$1m on all Israeli soldiers heads

Following last week’s offer by the bearded monkey Al-Qarni to pay anyone who abducted any IDF soldier $100,000, a Saudi prince has upped the offer to one million dollars. Prince bin Talah confirmed this last night on Saudi State TV.
Unless Saudi authorities take some sort of action over this, surely this is an act of war, where is the international condemnation?

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4 Replies to “$1m on all Israeli soldiers heads”

  1. Doesn’t it warm your heart to see the richest people in the world promoting war and the Global warming scam?

    Prince bin Talah invests in almost all western businesses and at the same time wants us all dead.

  2. Whether he’s a prince or a pauper, rich or poor, old or young, an Islamist is still an Islamist!
    You can stick him in a sackcloth or an Armani suit, but he’s still a devious, two-faced, ungrateful, marshmallow-brained, thug.

  3. High time this so-called “prince” was reminded that two can play that game…..
    Stay in Saudi Arabia, prince. Stay in your house and surround yourself with armed guards and iron gates. Be afraid.
    We will be waiting for you in the West. If you so much as show your filthy, despicable face in London, Paris, New York, the Caribbean…Tokyo, Macao, Singapore…..ANYWHERE…..we will be waiting for you.
    Two can play this game…………

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