“…misguided tolerance in dealing with hate-filled Islamists, …” Austrian judge

From Islam Vs. Europe


Let us indulge in no illusions. Europe will be the battlefield for a major struggle between the order of Islam and its enemies. 40% of the population in Arab countries is under 14 years of age. 15 million Muslims are already living in Europe today and the ageing of Europe is unmissable. The Muslim threat was beaten back in Castile, Southern France and, finally, in front of Vienna. But today the border between Europe and the Islamic world is porous, and the threat to Europe is clear.

Please click over to the link at the top and read the whole article. It is short but important.

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  1. He is right, I personally think the war is coming soon, this is the first time I have heard a European speak out on the coming war, it will be a vicious, long and bloody war.

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