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4 Replies to “Ezra Levant discusses the stated ambitions and activities of released Islamic terrorists.”

  1. Brooke Goldstein has her heart in the right place and she means well.

    Her problem is that she doesn’t understand Islam, the genocidal doctrine of our enemies, and she says so herself.

    Brooke, like so many others, believes that the humanity of our enemies can somehow be reasoned with, that Islam is somehow adjustable and that ‘solutions’ can be found to coexist.

    If she could get herself to study up on Islamic doctrine she would quickly realize that human considerations don’t come into play in the great game where Islam must be dominant and victorious at all cost.

  2. She means well but doesn’t understand Islam, her type use to be called dogooders, them meant to do good but always ended up making the situation worse, today most of them are useful idiots for the left.

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