David Cameron betrays the British people. Again.

Quite stunning really. Its like the Royal flush of treason and betrayal. He has denied the right to self determination of England and he people in the E.U. as well as aiding and abetting, hell funding the Islamic domination of his own people and literal destruction of the very history of the British people and her accomplishments by changing the educational system to deny it.

If I were British I would be arrested now just for what I am thinking.

Fortunately I am not.

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  1. I read about this in The latest Gates of Vienna newsfeed. 66% of Britons favor a referendum, and yet this pampered PC/MC monkey, who is likely to secretly hope to join the ranks of the likes of Catherine Ashton when his premiership is over; so that, like her, he can set his own monthly pay, keeps denying the UK the right to have a say in how they want to be governed, and how much real democracy they should enjoy. This is treason, fascism and dhimmitude, plain and simple.

  2. “If I were British I would be arrested now just for what I am thinking.”

    If it had been in the days of the original Queen Bessie, Cameron would have been hung, drawn and quarted for his high treasons. Maybe he had been lashed before this happened. Finally left for the crows. Back then people knew how to deal with filthy traitors like him. He is indeed lucky not to live in those times. Still he might want to contemplate the fate of other historical rulers. The french king and queen during the revolution. the czar-family after the russian revolution and Mussolini’s fate too.

  3. It really doesn’t matter what the people or the politicians want, the EU is a dead organization that doesn’t realize it has died. The Germans and French aren’t going to put up much more money to bail out Greece, especially since several other nations are almost the the point of needing bailed out as well. If the predictions of major bank failures in the next few months are right look for the entire world to change economic and political directions.

  4. cant help thinking that the tories will get trashed in the next election.
    what worries me is the lack of credible alternatives.
    UKIP is too single issue for my likes, but that is where my vote will probably go.

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