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2 Replies to “Evil Santa wants to destroy Israel”

  1. Destroy Israel? I don’t think so.
    You Muzz have had a number of attempts and each time Israel has kicked your sorry asses! Go back to what you do best, fighting each other, and debating whether or not Allah’s name has been found written in one of your kebabs!

  2. Pay close attention, he is telling us what will happen once Iran gets nuclear weapon, and with the US pulling out of Iraq the Iranians will be able to deliver a nuclear device to the Lebanese on a flatbed or container truck. Using the right type of housing (one that leaves a lot of long term highly radioactive fallout behind and used when there is a strong wind one or two devices could contaminate most if not all of Israel. Before you say Israel needs to attack, the Iranian nuclear program is 1) spread all over the map. 2) buried in deep bunkers, deep enough that no one has a bomb that will penetrate enough to destroy the bunkers. From what I hear from retired Air Force officers there are well over 100 targets that have to be destroyed and it would take a bombing campaign of over a month of 24/7 bombing to give us 80 to 90% probability of destroying the nuclear program. The Stuxnet worm gave us time, and the son of stuxnet may give us more.

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