European Children Being Brainwashed into ‘Respecting’ Islam

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European children are being brainwashed into ‘respecting’ Islam with school-organised mosque visits and syllabuses that give undue prominence to a mythical Islamic ‘Golden Age’. The picture above is from La Roche in France. The newspaper headline says “School pupils immerse themselves in Islam at La Roche mosque”.

Thanks to this visit, the school pupils will have an image of the place where Islam lives. A good way of arriving at a better understanding of their educational syllabus, which focuses on the beginnings of Islam.

(I somehow doubt Good Bye Mohammed or the researches of the Inarah group will be on the agenda.)

And why are European school pupils being taught about the history of Islam anyway? Is there really nothing in the history of Europe that would be better for them to learn?

Here’s a photo from something similar in England. Look at the evil-looking Muslim dressed in white. He seems to be enjoying himself as the little blonde white girls bow down in front of him.


Here’s an excerpt from the British government website that provides information on the national curriculum. It describes a programme of lessons called “The Achievement of Muhammad (pbuh)” and discusses how to grade the childrens’ essays, quoting a few examples:

The achievement of Muhammad (pbuh) – John, Alex and Laura

Over a number of lessons, the pupils had read and discussed texts about Muhammad’s (pbuh) life, covering his family’s reaction to his claims, as well as the reaction of people in Mecca and Medina. The pupils debated Muhammad’s (pbuh) achievements in groups and as a class.

As homework the teacher asked the pupils to answer the following assessment questions: Discuss the main events in Muhammad’s (pbuh) life that led others to believe he was a prophet from Allah (attainment target 1 beliefs, teachings and sources). What do you think Muhammad (pbuh) achieved in his life? (attainment target 2 meaning, purpose and truth).

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  1. That’s what it would have been like to take British kids on tours of SS training camps during WW2, except that under no circumstances would nazi Germany ever have been allowed to run such camps on British soil. But the ruling elite from the LabLibDemTory party seems just as happy as it can be by allowing bedouin nazis to have barracks within The UK’s borders.

  2. It’s not as if they’re going to be taught the ‘real’ history of Islam, but instead some PC fabrication. If the syllabus started with “Mohammed was a lying, cowardly, thieving rapist fraudster…” then I’m all for it!

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