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9 Replies to “Pakistani gangs in Norway”

  1. If Pakistanis are giving them trouble, then they should wait a while till the Somalis are made Norwegian and feel at home in Norway.

  2. The subs didn’t work for me either. In my case no big probs though. Although I’m a swede I understood every single word. for the sake of all non-scandinavians, let’s hope they get the subs fixed soon.

  3. he subtitles are youtube ones, not hard coded. This means you may have to click a button on the video itself to turn the titles on. I will try and hard code the same titles and reupload to make it simpler however and soon. But try watching again and click the titles button at the bottom of the video.

  4. The subtitles worked OK.

    It is strange to see him patiently explaining gangs, as though they were a bizarre new phenomenon. They are relatively new in Norway then? Of course there have been gangs in Canada & the US for a long time–well over a century. There has been a big uptick lately, as the govt has permitted huge number of immigrants in the last few decades. Get used to it guys, they won’t be going away any time soon.

  5. These seem to be more like the black and Hispanic gangs then the old style criminal organizations, I don’t remember any youth gangs that were Jewish although the Purple Gang in Detroit during prohibition was Jewish. The gang culture is one that is hard to break, and one that needs to be broken, sometime in the last year or two I saw a documentary on the Texas Rangers, one of the historians on the show made the comment that while people talk about law and order on the US frontier first came order, then came law.

  6. Why am I getting “video not available or access denied” messages from all of your MRC vids?? It’s disappointing, to say the least.

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