NKorean Prison Camp Survivor: Starving Women Cooked & Ate Their Own Children

I post this for two reasons.

1. North Korea is the worlds biggest story that still goes untold. People just have no idea. And North Korea hires, or better put, forces people to be on internet chat rooms and forums and try and argue with and contradict the facts on the ground about North Korea. Look for them here in the comments within a few days written in fairly classic East Asian bad syntax.

2. Because of a spoiled, stupid, entitled, lefty colostomy bag ‘protesting’ at the Occupy Ottawa thing on behalf of the union of Postal workers, people who make more for doing less with better job security than pretty much any other unskilled worker in Canada, who claimed that Stephen Harper was worse than Kim Jong Il or at least as bad as him.

Below is part of the article. Please click the link below to see the whole thing.

From The Blaze.

Kim Hye Sook suffered unbearable pain and emotional suffering when she was detained for 28 years in a secretive North Korean concentration camp. Brutal executions, starvation — even mothers killing and eating their children to ensure their own survival — were regular occurrences.

Kim — who miraculously escaped from the Bukchang prison camp back in 2003 – granted CBN News with the first American television news interview to discuss these horrendous conditions. She now lives in South Korea, with the details of her escape remaining classified for security reasons. This summer, she released a memoir entitled, “A Concentration Camp Retold in Tears.”

When she was 13-year-old, her tragic tale began. The year was 1975 and in the blink of an eye the young girl was captured alongside her entire family. After years of suffering, she didn’t taste freedom until she was 41-years-old. Kim explains:

“My entire family went to prison. Some were taken to the mountains; others were put in different labor camps all because of my grandfather’s one mistake: he escaped to South Korea during the Korean War.”

Two women are watched by a North Korean guard (Photo Credit: AP)

Today, Kim wears dark glasses to ensure that her identity remains concealed. While she lost seven family members in the re-education camp, she currently has two sisters and a brother who are still imprisoned. She described a typical day at the camp:

“I attended indoctrination classes in the morning. In the afternoon the children were sent to push trolleys in the coal mines, often without any safety gear.


People were dying in the mines. There were numerous mine collapses, so many injuries, people who lost their legs, many who were buried alive. It was horrible.

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4 Replies to “NKorean Prison Camp Survivor: Starving Women Cooked & Ate Their Own Children”

  1. Kim Jong Il and all of his familial anal spawn can bite the big one. I’m wondering if Juche really means “self reliance” or cannibalism. I hope South Korea is never stupid enough to reunite with that mental midget.

  2. One way of executing people is flatting them out with steamrollers. It’s so bizarre that I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen photos of it some months ago. It’s probably a question of degrees in hell with the question that is worse, living in a pislamic hellhole or North Korea.

  3. Remember a treaty was never written or signed to end the Korean War, we have a truce that the North breaks on a regular basis, all it will take is one side or the other to attack with large forces. South Korea has a smaller military then the North (about 653,000 men v 1,500,00) but South Korea is rated as the 7th most powerful nation and North Korea is rated number 22. This doesn’t include the nuclear weapons the North has and will use if China will allow.

    The United Nation command that was set up in 1950 is still in existence with a US General (4 stars) in command, the only South Korea military that aren’t under his direct command is the Special Forces.

    The main reason the US still has forces in Korea is to maintain the UN command and prevent the South attacking and conquering the North. Best guess I have heard is it would take them a matter of weeks but less then a month to reach the Chinese border. At that point China would enter the war and things would go down hill fast.

    There is a large number of people who think that the North is a puppet for China and they won’t make a military move without getting Chinese permission. I don’t know how much evidence there is of this but China does protect the North from any and all punishment for its many crimes.

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