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9 Replies to “Ezra Levant and John Robson discuss the faux-tests”

  1. The perfect “Occupy” pledge:
    I don’t wanna be a slave, because I want to join a bunch of crust punks, hippies and hipsters and repeat everything that they say. I want to express my individuality through collectivity and liberate myself through regulation. I don’t need to understand everything, because a bunch of radical professors will think for me. I believe in freedom of speech, unless Anonymous wants to hack a person’s computer for holding the wrong opinions. I am not afraid of letting people know who I am, so I will wear a Guy Fawkes mask because I saw it in some movie. I hate racism and xenophobia and anyone who disagrees is a redneck or a Jew. I am an original thinker, since everything I post on Tumblr is reblogged from someone else. My vocabulary is better than yours, even though I use the phrase “Epic Fail” 100 times a day. I am the 99%, because everyone else says so.

  2. That was amazing to watch. Amazing yet really sad, all it will take is one evil person with conviction to drive all this young people to action…

  3. Robson coined the phrase “surrender to the mental void” , Levant used the phrase “Liberate your brains” in this appropriately titled piece: “Mindless Mobs”.
    Above, NYSilverDollar most appropriately characterized it again: “want to express individuality through collectivity and liberate through regulation”. The juxtaposition of all this contradiction completely eludes these people to such an astonishingly surreal level.
    A 1970’s documentary posted over at KitmanTV discusses similar delusions from prior generations. God of the New Age. In a nutshell,

    “. . .We are given an extraordinary inside glimpse into an eerie world of cult mentality and mindless obedience . . .The film covers the chilling parallels between the belief structure in today’s New Age subculture and that in Hitler’s Third Reich two generations ago.”

    Challenging societal norms, abandoning reason under the guise of opening minds to new ideas leaves generations willfully vulnerable to any and all delusions.

  4. I watched this video, and I must ask myself if these protesters actually know who they themselves are. I suspect that they do not. Based upon what I have seen, I have judged them to be the sorts who will fight against something, but never for. To fight for something, you have to know who you are. Furthermore, since they will only fight against, they are good for only one thing–destruction and tearing things down. Sad really, but also frightening.

  5. They were looking at this phenomenon from a viewpoint I hadn’t considered, the chanting is a good way to memorize what is said, but these people are taking it to extremes. I have said before that they left is trying to replay the 60s but their mind controlled zombies make this a much more dangerous time, the closest analogy I can come up with is the Manson family.

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