The Jihad Against Dogs

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Anestos Canelides’ latest essay was inspired by a recent incident in Spain in which dogs were slaughtered by Muslims as “unclean”.

The Jihad Against Dogs Can Only Mark the Beginning of Dhimmitude for the Spanish Infidel

by Anestos Canelides

The Jihad against dogsThe recent killing of over a dozen dogs in Lerida, Spain, located in the northeastern region of Catalonia, was appalling. As a proud owner of a beautiful black Labrador, I was at first enraged, but then I realized that as the Muslim populations grows — not just in Spain, but in Europe and America as well — we could well see more of this barbarism. I cannot believe this group represents all Muslims, but it makes me wonder if this is the a beginning step towards forcing dhimmi status on the infidels of Lerida. Currently the largely immigrant Muslim population is 20% of the total population.

Two Islamic groups in Lerida are already asking officials to regulate the presence of dogs in public spaces because dogs are seen as unclean, and their presence in public could offend Muslims. They are also demanding that dogs are banned from all forms of public transportation, which would include all city buses, and areas frequented by Muslims.

There are so many things that offend Muslims. As their population grows, I wonder what will be next on their dhimmi list.

It also makes we wonder what will happen when they make up 30-40% of Lerida’s population. Will they ask for the crosses be removed from churches? Will they want to abolish any other outward sign of a non-Muslim religion? After all, such things would also offend Muslims under traditional laws concerning dhimmis.

Will the Catholic Christians in the city be forced to worship or preach out of earshot of all Muslims, so they don’t get offended? Will the persecution of both Christians and Jews grow as the Muslim population grows?

With Spain’s low birth rate and the Muslim high birth rate it will not be long before the native Spanish are a minority. When the Muslims grow to be 60-70 % of the populations will the Christians minority be forced into dhimmi status? Will they not be allowed to build new churches or the even renovate old ones? How tolerant will the Muslims be? Will the Muslims take over churches and turn them into mosques, or even demolish them? What will be the fate of the Christians when they are in the minority?

Bethlehem was at one time a majority Christian city, but after it came under the control of the Palestinian Authority, Christians became a minority within ten years. Could this become the fate of Lerida’s Christian population? Will there come a time when the Muslims learn tolerance and simply learn to accept other religions? History tells us a different story.

While there are many tolerant Muslims in the world, I don’t see any in Lerida, Spain. I believe that Europeans and North Americans must see take as an object lesson. Is Islamization a real threat to our free societies? Is this really the first step in forcing the people of Lerida under dhimmi status? Yes, I believe it is. People must be aware of this clear and present threat to our culture and freedoms. As I have said in past articles, not all Muslims are evil, but we must wake up!

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5 Replies to “The Jihad Against Dogs”

  1. Even if one was bitten by a dog, one should not be so cruel towards dogs or other animals. We may have to protect ourselves against some dogs but there is no need to ban all of them from our environment. People should be allowed to take care of their dogs or pets if they can afford to .The world belong to everyone, whatever religion or none religion. Some dictator asian governments tried to force everyone to believe in god/gods, even though their asian god believing society is more backward, more inferior and more greedy in too many asiatic unpleasant ways. Believing in any god is fine as long as it is not forced or pressured. We don’t have to believe in a god to behave in a morally upright manner.

  2. Dogs if properly treated normally will not bite or attack unless to defend their owner. They are also highly intellegent and many of them work for a living. They are a benefit to mankind. This kind of wanton cruelty should be taken very seriously by the authorities. Virtually all violent criminals, including serial killers have a background of animal abuse. People abuse animals for the same reasons as they abuse humans. Power. Torture a defensive, harmless animal who is not a position to fight back or defend themselves. The lack of empathy and lack of compassion is the hallmark of the cruel, lowly and cowardly.

  3. I agree anon, dogs are loving companions, as are cats. Mohammad was a sicko who has managed to turn a large portion of the worlds population into a danger for the rest.

  4. anon, I have seen dogs who barked or bite for no reason. I have also seen dogs and cats being neglected on the streets. Even some dogs with owners is not behaving the right way. Perhaps, the owner did not take care of the dogs properly or neglected the dogs. then I have also seen some horrible scene where asian adults provoked some barking dogs and behaved horribly towards aggressive barking dogs.

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