Interesting revelation in the UK

Turns out a leading lefty lecturer was a police spy impeding the activities of certain left wing radical groups from Greenpeace right to certain ‘anti-racist’ groups. Interesting indeed.



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2 Replies to “Interesting revelation in the UK”

  1. Not unlike this guy……

    Undercover officer spied on green activists….

    Undercover police officer said he committed ‘act of betrayal’
    A police officer who spent seven years infiltrating underground protest groups has said he had committed an act of “betrayal” and promised to “make amends” to the campaigners with whom he worked.

    The other interesting point is this guy took part in so called “antifascist activities” against a legal political party (the BNP) while being paid as a serving police officer on active duty. Should the internal security services of England be involved in direct physical action against legal political parties? When no criminal offence has been committed? Isn`t that what totalitarian regimes do with their secret police?

  2. The only reason to have a police infiltrator in any organization is to gather information for arrests and prosecutions for criminal activity, this was the action of a totalitarian government that wants to disrupt any opposition but wants it to look like they aren’t involved. Welcome to the world or 1984 and Clockwork Orange.

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