This blog has taken a slight focus on two aspects of increased influence by Islam in Western civilization. That of the arts and also dogs. I find it highly revealing that Mohamed instructed his army to slaughter every dog in Mecca when he first took the city, even a helper dog to a lame woman despite the request for clemency by one of his own generals. Mohamed felt that making the world, ‘Hundenrein’ is as important to this psychopathic savage as making the world Judenrein

In that light, I would ask you to get a sandwich and kick back and enjoy this profoundly good PBS special on the origins and value to humanity of the Canis lupus familiaris, The domestic dog.

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6 Replies to “Dogs”

  1. Yes! I saw the same PBS doc and reflected how dogs are true friends, a fact which Mr. Mohammed refused to recognize. Any “religion” that hates dogs is not worthy of mention.

  2. Dogs too are entitled to a decent environment and should have their freedom too.
    People who wish to keep dogs as pets or as companions should not neglect their dogs.

  3. The way dogs are treated in islam is one of the keys to winning the hearts and minds of western liberals. The tolerance that they hold so dear implies all religions are the same. Showing that they are not through something liberals love, their dogs, is very important. Keep chipping away at the hard shell liberals have constructed around themselves. Not all will see the truth about islam but we only need care about the ones that do.

  4. Eastern societies such as islamic or buddhist and other eastern societies on the most part never treat animal well as in the West. In the East you would see dogs in a shabby state with unwashed wounds and emanciated in the streets all alone. In the West, most animals have proper homes or professional place to take care of them.

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