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I almost feel bad posting this one. This fellow is allowed, as are we all, to hold unusual opinions as he is on his path to developing critical thought and reason. My gut feeling is, he could be a leader of fact based reason someday. As you watch, try and remember your own youth and what opinions you may have had at his age, or worse, inculcated with the nonsense taught at universities (if you attended recently) and your peers. At least that way we can laugh with a little less guilt.

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  1. Jack Chick would be proud. I often run into this situation where I find someone whom I agree with, and then they go into some strange Zeitgeist or LaRouche psychobabble that puts any unusual belief I may hold to shame.

  2. Eeyore, I love your website and admire the awareness you are bringing of the dangers of Islam to people who have not read their history and do not understand what the Koran preaches and many muslims believe. The situation with regard to chemtrails and the proliferation of banker control throughout the world (and indeed through the centuries) is a similar one which require study to understand. What this young man speaks about is most definitely not taught in any or our current PC universities.

  3. This is another perfect example of poor education in schools. Schools primary job is to teach you HOW TO LEARN.

    He is correct that aluminum from acid rain does very seriously lower the PH of the soils and harms forests and other plant life. But that is where he ended and didn’t inform himself of the rest of the story.

    China has the highest levels of air pollution in the world right now with the highest levels of aluminum in the air which creates the most acid rain but their forests are growing faster then anyplace else other then the US forests.

    I can go into more detail but that is enough.

  4. John Phillips

    I never seen that video. I can see these mad scientist believing in global-warming so much they would do something stupid like that. But why not just look and see what if it is true or not?

    Why is this so difficult to figure out? Goto a major airport near the end of the runway were they usually take off and check the aluminum levels and compare? that to someplace else.

    I am looking at test kits that might work for $20. it isn’t hard to figure out.

    In other words I don’t buy it.

  5. At times he sounds like he has good sense, then he goes off on a tangent that shows he has been exposed to way too many conspiracy theories. With a proper education he could become a very successful teacher.

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