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6 Replies to “Occupy Chicago joins Destroy Israel march”

  1. Sad that many Jews have a finely honed suicidial instinct in the makeup of their DNA. I gave up trying to understand or make excuses for lefty Jews long ago and have thus saved myself from devastating migraines.

  2. who gives a rats ass about freeing people half way across the world, when you are trying to fight for your own freedom from financial corruption. this ’cause’ is a mere distraction and just another example of liberal bullshit artists trying to bog down the movement against financial oligarchy in this country.

    many conservatives who would like to join the occupy movement because they hate a criminal banking syndicate —but are going to question why immigrants should have a say in american foreign policy. and theyre not interested in arabs or jews or anyone saying that the u.s. should ‘take sides’ at its own expense. the face that the u.s. military policy favors certain parties like—-let’s wait—all members of nato, like european countries and britain——-doesn’t mean it’s wrong for us to help them , and anyone whose served in the military isn’t stupid enough to think that scaling back the military requires a black and white approach. it doesn’t and it’s not going to happen anyways.

    this crap is only going to slow down the movement,………..from getting members who are patriotic americans whove been here and intend on their children staying here for generations.

    blaming israel from criminal conduct of american banks, whom are overseen by the american government and american bearacrats is not only hidden anti-semitism, which i could care less about, it’s just a stupid distraction from the truth that the criminal banking syndicate is here , and lives on american ground, and you CAN do something about it without worrying about flying half way around the world.

    anyways, i can take comfort that the crowd clearly was NOT enthusiastic about this guys bullshit speech. if that speaker could have pushed a magic button to eliminate the u.s. military and remove our nuclear weapons capabilities while leaving russian capabilities untouched, he would. and that is why—-no one will listen to this dolt.

  3. The genie’s out of the bottle. The cat’s out of the bag. The shite has hit the fan. You can’t put toothpaste back in the tube. We are witnessing the end of civilization.

  4. EROWMER you may be right, I have been saying we are in the opening decades of a Dark Age for a while, it isn’t too late to save civilization but if we continue down this path too much longer it will be too late.

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