The Islamization of London. A photo tour

When I arrived in London in September it had been more than forty years since I had last spent any time in the city. If I hadn’t kept up with recent events through my British contacts, the changes would have been startling indeed.

The most popular tourist spots appear much the same, and the commercial areas are still thronged with shoppers. No matter where you go, however, the presence of Islam makes itself felt. With the rapid increase in the Muslim population over the past decade, the capital of Britain has moved that much closer to becoming an Islamic city.

The process of Islamization is not always as obvious as in this poster, which appeared one morning last July at a bus shelter on the corner of Mission Grove and Carisbrooke Road, in the Waltham Forest area of East London:

A straightened out close-up provides a clearer view of what the devout Muslims of Waltham Forest are demanding:

This is the new Islamic Britain as envisioned by the fire-breathing radical Anjem Choudary? and Muslims Against Crusades. MAC’s latest initiative is called The Islamic Emirates Project, and its stated goal is “Breaking the Foundations of Western Civilisation”:

Muslims across the UK collectively declared their disgust of British values and their desire to live by the Shari’ah.

As Muslim enclaves across Britain rapidly edge closer to Islamic autonomy, Muslims Against Crusades in conjunction with several other leading Muslim organisations would like to declare the next chapter in the ongoing campaign to transform Britain into a thriving Islamic state.

Mr. Choudary lives in Ilford, but he and his supporters are also active in East London, Luton, and other parts of England where Islam is ascendant. He is the most forthright and plainspoken of Britain’s Islamic radicals. No taqiyyah or kitman (sacred lying) for him. He proudly proclaims the coming Caliphate in public, volubly and repeatedly, into the microphones and in front of the cameras.

Denial is rampant among the multicultural oligarchs of the political class. The British government prefers to believe that Anjem Choudary and other Islamic zealots are not serious in their avowed intentions. Their incendiary pronouncements are thought to be mere rhetoric — what they really want is more funding, more generous welfare benefits, new state-supported Koran schools, or more parking spaces around their mosques. Everything is business as usual to the politicos.

The leaders of the three major political parties find it impossible to accept that these “extremists” mean exactly what they say. Acknowledging the problem would force the government to actually do something to save the country from destruction. In the second decade of the 21st century — with millions of Muslims already in Britain, and hundreds of thousands more arriving or being born every year — what could they do? How could Islamization ever be reversed without enormous expense or unimaginable violence?

No, it’s better to pretend that everything is harmonious and peaceful and normal in Modern Multicultural Britain.

From time to time the coming Emirate intrudes even into the tourist zones of London. On Saturday, September 24, under the sponsorship of Mayor Boris Johnson, a huge officially-sanctioned Eid Festival was held in Trafalgar Square. The domed building in the background is part of the National Portrait Gallery:

The cave-like structure below is a stage for performers. When I arrived, loud drumming was coming over the speakers. In the background you can see Nelson’s Column, which serves as a reminder of the greatness that once was, but is no longer:

The drumming was soon replaced over the PA by “Muslim rap”. A large display screen behind the fountain provides an incongruous contrast between the rapper and the nautical-themed statue in the foreground:

The Islamic presence is visible all over London. From Marble Arch to Docklands, from Piccadilly to King’s Cross: on virtually every street can be seen women in hijab, often pushing strollers, and men wearing skullcaps and Islamic robes.

One of my British contacts is a longtime observer of Muslims in the capital, and has analyzed the pattern of their street behaviors:

I regularly walk up and down Ladbroke Grove, Portobello Road and Harrow Road and have noted a process of coagulation or clumping of the sidewalks by Muslim women:

• Two Muslim women, each with baby pushcars, can present a significant amount of biomass on a sidewalk — a phalanx of piety? — to the extent that evasive action is required.

• Groups of two or three Muslim women are increasingly common — more towards the North Kensington end — in Harrow Road and Kensal Road.

• It is also increasingly common to see non-Western dress among Muslim men, both old and young.

Mosques are prominent in many different areas of the city. For example, this is the Regent’s Park Mosque, in a leafy middle-class neighborhood not far from Marylebone Road:

Certain areas of the city are more thoroughly Islamized, however. Tower Hamlets, which hosts the East London Mosque, has a majority-Islamic borough council and a Muslim mayor, Lutfur Rahman:

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14 Replies to “The Islamization of London. A photo tour”

  1. Good post and frighteningly true and it’s happening all over Europe thanks to the E.U., the European Commission for Human Rights, our gutless politicians and the sheep who vote for them. The E.D.L. is hitting back but lets not forget the B.N.P. who are also hitting back and are also a ligitimate political party.

    Not much mention is made of the B.N.P. on many websites, the reason being that the established order are trying to convince the U.K. and the world that the B.N.P. is dead and buried. Nothing could be further from the truth and they are so worried about it that B.B.C. t.v. made yet another attack on the B.N.P. in order to discredit a political party that is causing a lot of irritation in certain political quarters. I’m glad to say that it backfired and what was supposed to be an anti-B.N.P. bombshell turned out to be a damp squib.

    The B.N.P. has two elected E.M.P.s in Brussels and they cause a lot of irritation in that direction too and they also keep us informed of the people in there who are hell bent on letting these islamics get their way at every chance. Some people go as far as to say that there has been some sort of international pact with these inbred mutants known as the Devils Pact. This would not surprise me at all because all the signs point to international conniving and we the none- muslims will be the losers if people don’t wake up as to what is going on.

  2. the BNP and it’s predecessor parties, i.e William Mosley’s fascists, and the National Socialists, are the reason why Europe is in the mess it is in, their rampant jew-hatred and bigotry, arose to such a fervent degree, that it ended in genocide and the death’s of hundreds of millions, and the abolition of nationalism and pride in Western civilization. This allowed the rise of hard-left govt’s and the official adaptation of the Multi-cultural, morally equivalent society you find yourself in today. Europe killed 6 million jews, and replaced them with 60 million muslims to make themselves feel “tolerant”. So when you preach the message of the BNP, whose leader is a neo-nazi, think about what got you into the situation you are in today

  3. Golem:

    Excellent comment. Thanks.
    Not sure if you are right about the BNP specifically, but your comment is great in any case.

  4. “Muslims across the UK collectively declared their disgust of British values and their desire to live by the Shari’ah”
    Well, this sounds good to me. Pack up and move to Saudi Arabia. Problem solve.

  5. What a strange world it was back in the days of the Fuhrer and the Duce. It was so far removed from the world of today as to appear utterly strange. A world in which political correctness and cultural Marxism did not exist. Certainly there was a simple brutality to those times that contends with the complex madness of today, but few would want to go back. Event the modern multicultural world seems preferable compared to the standards of Hitler and Mussolini. And yet it was this strange world that gave rise to modern society with all the attendant ills that we face. And yet that is still too simple. Why did the politicians need to bring in the muzzies by the boat load? It was because at that time they were a beaten third world nothing. Now we are facing a revived muzzie threat thanks to the petrodollar inspired modern jihad. So they lulled us into complaceny and now they hit us with their jihad and of course we hit them back hard and thus we have modern times.

  6. Yep! Hitler drove out or killed the European and Jewish Intellegencia, and killed all the working men acting as soldiers. After the war, Europe then imported Turks, and the flood gates were opened for more muslim auslander. Yes, Hitler is responsible for the European condition today! From gross exclusion to gross inclusion, and to reject either puts you on the outs as “rascist”. National identities are dead! By the end of the century, England, France, Germany, etc., will be territories in name only, islamic or not. Sieg Heil!

  7. It didn’t happen quite that fast slobo, when I was in Germany during the late 60s there were hardly any Moslems, it wasn’t until the left managed to convince the majority of people to 1) leave Christianity and 2) have a lot less children that Europe needed to import hands to work in the factories. Being leftists they thought of all besides themselves as being inferior and thought they would fall down and worship the left that was giving them everything. The idea that the imported laborers might have an agenda of their own, and that that agenda might be religious never occurred to them. After all the USSR managed to maintain hold on its Moslem population so the left in the west could do the same.

  8. Here is a part of UK’s National Anthem==God Save The Queen
    O Lord our God arise
    Scatter her enemies
    And make them fall
    Confound their politics
    Frustrate their knavish tricks
    On Thee our hopes we fix
    God save us all

    Shall we say Allah save us all ??

  9. Somalia is starving Inshallah said,
    “A world in which political correctness and cultural Marxism did not exist.”

    You need to avoid Main stream view of history. Political correctness was much worse back then with your own kids turning you in for what you might have said or didn’t say. Your own kids could get you killed.

    Fascism was originally based on Marx theory. Mussolini who was the founder of Fascism was the editor for a Marxist pamphlet.

    If you can find the whole movie called,
    “The Soviet Story”
    Here is a taste of it:
    Why killing is essential for Marx theory:

    I have also looked up some of the key points in the movie and back most of them up.

  10. Somalia is starving Inshallah

    Another fairly good show is called “Nietzsche and the Nazis” you can find it streaming at Netflix. it is mostly presented as a lecture so take it in slowly.

    Dr. Hicks only had two points very wrong. Dr. Hicks omitted the persecution of Christians and that the Jews were considered to be the Moneychangers. Two very important points near the end of the movie that makes Nietzsche’s ideas even closer to the Nazis ideas.

  11. Golem
    For your information, the B.N.P. did not emerge intil the islamic threat became apparent and it is known that some E.D.L. members vote for it at election time as they have no alternative. It is now the only anti islamic political party in the land and because of this every other party and the controlled media are trying to bring it down. There are a lot of dedicated people from all walks of life who are trying their best to insure that this does not happen. If they fail, islam will no doubt take over this land and the knock-on effect will be a disaster for the whole world.

    The party is still small but it is gaining more interest and I for one will keep on voting for it. The alternative is to vote for a bunch of liars whose treachery to this country and others is beyond belief, and of this I will have no part. The state of this country as it is being gradually colonised by this barbaric “faith” speaks for itself and shows our corrupt politicians for what they are. Without the B.N.P. there is no hope of altering this rotten situation.

  12. I can remember when “zero population growth” was the watchword in the West – have no more than two kids or bring doom on the planet. We’re sure reaping the whirlwind now.

  13. Maybe it is time to move on from World War 2, to shed all that dead skin which has accumulated upon the body corpus of politics since then. If the 20th century had anything at all, apart from it’s woe, it had this one valuable lesson: The danger of utopias in the political arena.

    As for the BNP: love them or hate them, they are legal. Let them come forward and have their say. What is totally unacceptable is that any association at all with them, is immediately branded racist, fasicist, and all the other labels to silence any or all opposition. For democracies to survive, there has to be strong oppositions!

    The article on London is very good and it is great to read that the changes are being noted by people elsewhere.

  14. Anon you are right and wrong, we need to learn from the mistakes that lead to WWII, (look at what our elected leaders are doing now to see them repeated) and we need to return to the time when the school kids were taught what the Fascists and Communists believed. Right now the heirs of the Fascists are the ones doing labeling others fascists and racists, this is psychological projection, projecting your sins onto others that you dislike.

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