Maths teacher in France douses herself in petrol and sets herself alight in front of horrified pupils after taunts

In the past month I have had the opportunity to speak with a few teachers in Canadian public and high schools. All of them, once they were confident that I was unlikely to call them names or report them, told me about the horrors of classroom exitence in Canada today, dealing with Muslim students and Muslim parents, many of whom, had wealthy husbands in the Middle East or Magreb but where here raising students using every possible dime of Canadian welfare and social program money they could get, driving large luxury SUV’s and getting state benefits etc. but mostly, insisting that female teachers wear head covering and demanding that Islamic values be enforced in the schools.

This is in Ottawa where the percentage of Muslims in class is far smaller than France.

So I would like to venture a wee guess as to why this teacher immolated herself. I could be wrong. But if one adds the numbers as I have them, I think I know why she did it.

Equation looks like this.

French teacher + Muslim students = total failure to accomplish anything at work, and eventually in life.

I could be wrong. She might just have had a bad hair day and decided to try something radical with it. But my money is on the first scenario.

From the Daily Mail:

By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 5:12 PM on 13th October 2011

A school teacher taunted by unruly pupils doused herself in petrol and set herself alight infront of horrified students.

The unnamed female maths teacher, aged 44, is said to have been driven to despair by unruly pupils at Jean-Moulin secondary school in Beziers, southern France.

Shocked eyewitnesses told how the woman arrived the school at 9.30am, then stood in the main courtyard and soaked herself in petrol from a jerrycan.

Set alight: The unidentified teacher doused herself in petrol after taunts from pupils at Jean-Moulin secondary school in southern FranceSet alight: The unidentified teacher doused herself in petrol after taunts from pupils at Jean-Moulin secondary school in southern France

She then screamed loudly before setting herself on fire with a lighter.

Reports in French newsapers said the previous evening she had had a ‘very difficult encounter’ with several students and had ‘taken it very badly’.

One member of the school staff told the French media: ‘There were some teachers and pupils there when she poured petrol all over herself.

‘People were looking on with utter disbelief as she set herself on fire, then immediately called for help to put her out.’

The teacher had reportedly been hostile at a parents’ evening ten days before the incident, after refusing to address parental concerns about her teaching methods.

School staff rushed to cover the burning teacher with a blanket and managed to extinguish the flames as a helicopter ambulance was rushed to the scene, reports said.

She was flown to Montpellier hospital’s serious burns unit where she is said to be in a serious but stable condition.

Officials said the woman teacher should survive after the attempted suicide, which was described as a ‘desperate act’.

State prosecutor Patrick Mathe said: ‘She should pull through. It was a desperate act… there was no crime.’

A spokesman for the school said: ‘We are all in a state of shock from this terrible incident.’

A Beziers police spokesman added: ‘An investigation is underway to establish what drove this woman to commit this awful act.’

In April this year, a desperate father-of-four set himself on fire and burned to death before horrified work-mates at a France telecom site in Bordeaux.

The 57-year-old man is said to have been driven to suicide by ‘stress, overwork and looming job cuts’.

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8 Replies to “Maths teacher in France douses herself in petrol and sets herself alight in front of horrified pupils after taunts”

  1. When I first saw that report my first thought was that they were muslim students. Then I checked out the area of Beziers to find that the muslim population is somewhere between 5 and 10 per cent of the population. That is actually a huge figure, so our conclusions are probably correct.

  2. Personally, Id skip the gas and don my C4 tube-top. Might as well take a few of the little fuckers with you on your one-way ticket to oblivion.

    Seriously, tho, thats some fucked up shit.

  3. This is a classic case of turning one’s anger against oneself. Better solution: Quietly clear everything out of your desk, walk to the front office and simply say I QUIT!
    Then go on the French welfare system and become an activist, writing and telling all and sundry about your harrowing experience. Join forces with those who are doing the same. You’ll get a lot more satisfaction out of exercising your personal power, than you would out of burning yourself to death.

  4. Instead of immolating herself she should have taken it out on her tormentors. From what I have learned her in my country the situation in public schools are as bad as in France. The areselifters shows no respect for female teachers. They don’t even bother to listen to her. Often they do as they please during classes and there is nothing the teacher can do about it. The dean and the board will of course always side with the koranimals and their parents. They might even get fired (no pun intended) if they attract too much public attention to the schools.
    I saw one video from a school in Rosengård, Malmö some months ago. There was no order at all in the classroom. Seems like the pests had filmed it themselves. They practically behaved like monkeys in the zoo. No honestly, I think even the monkeys in a zoo behaves better than these koranimals. At least if they are healthy and nurtured.
    I have read even more horrific statements from anonymous teachers. Of violence against both pupils, teachers and staff. They kick in doors and such. I went to school in the late 60’s and the 70’s and I can’t even imagine what hell these kids have everyday of their lives. Not knowing if they even get home alive after school. I’m convinced there will be civil wars all over Europe. It will start in one country and then spill over to other nations like domino tiles, spreading like wildfire. There is just so much people can take before they snap. Anders Breivik in Norway is a good example. Only this will multiply and become worse than that. I believe there will form vigilante militia gangs like in Brazil who will be armed to the teeth, are well trained and is going to attack these koranimals on their own turf. They will go in and make a clean sweep.

  5. she should have doused the unruly muhammedan pups with petrol then set them on fire, laught her heart off watching then scream, wiggle and die, then roast a piece of bacon or two.

  6. I don’t know if the students were Moslems our not, but the teacher clearly thought that she had no control of her class and wasn’t going to be allowed to gain control of the class. This act shows the desperate situation in the schools in the Western nations. Without control of the schools and what is taught we are doomed to a Dark Age.

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