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3 Replies to “Robert Spencer on the Iranian plot in DC with Ezra”

  1. Excellent video. Robert Spencer, Marisol, High Fitzgerald, Raymond Ibrahim, et al…

    All these folks know Islam through and through. It is a major mistake to be dismissive of them. IMO, all Americans need to read the writings of Mr. Hugh Fitzgerald, former contributor to jihadwatch.com

    His writing style and historical accumen stand head and shoulders above the rest. I would pay dearly to see him debate ANY muslim, or any elected American official, for that matter.

  2. Well is it true? My conspitorious mind says this is fake, in order to be able to attack Iran before they start at nuclear war. And i support USA all the way if it is like this.

  3. Obama isn’t going to attack Iran, he won’t even though the Saudi King has been ordering and begging him to, the only reason he attacked Libya is that that bombing (technically in support of our NATO allies) helped the Moslem Brotherhood further its moves in North Africa.

    Never, I repeat never expect a Democrat President (especially one with Obama’s background) to do anything that will help the US or our friends.

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