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6 Replies to “Ezra Levant: Toronto police to allow hijabs for officers on duty”

  1. Political correctness kills, given the current mess it will probably kill as many people this century as communism did in the last century.

  2. October 14, 2011

    We are pleased to see a most welcome and helpful Advance suggested for the Operation of the Toronto Police Force: it is said that female police Officers will wear, if they so desire, a Hijab.

    In our View, this has not come a Moment too soon; we have long been desirous of seeing religious Symbols affixed to Officers of the Law, so that we may be assured of the particular religious Slant behind the Comments and Actions of those charged with enforcing our Canadian Laws.

    We hope that soon this inspired Idea will be expanded, and religious Symbolism will be required to be displayed on the Head, in the form of Headgear, or, failing that, tattooed on the forehead –universally throughout the Police Force. Sikhs, of course, would wear turbans, and Jewish members the yarmulke. We do not know of any standard headgear for Scientologists, but possibly a small conically shaped Hat, adorned with Stars and mathematical Symbols could be devised.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses might be required to have a Cyclopean Eye, either affixed to a Cap, or plainly visible and fixed on the Forehead. Zoroastrians, of course could have the Faravahar prominently stitched into the Hat, possibly with the Caveat in small Print underneath: (I am not a Chrysler).

    Druids would be required to have a Helmet in the shape of Stonehenge, and those subscribing to the religious Practice of Easter Island could be adorned with a tasteful Ahu or a Selection of Rongorongo Glyphs.

    We would have some small Hope that our own Religion, Abracadabra, with its great God Murphy might be represented by a Rabbit in a black silk Hat, nibbling on a Shamrock.

    The economic Benefits of such a policy are immediately evident. Not only would the Hat Industry be given a mighty Boost–but all Citizens would be well advised to undertake a Study of World Religions, with a few relevant and ingratiating Phrases relating to the Religions of various Officers.

    Pulled over for Speeding, it would only be prudent to make a Remark, such as “Allah be praised, may it not be long before Shariah replaces the Speeding Ticket”–or–“Has Harold Camping made yet another Prediction?” –or–“By all the Cows sacred to Krishna, I was not exceeding the Limit!”

    This Need to be sensitive to the religious Beliefs of Police Officers would surely spawn a huge Industry which would provide religious Education and a Smattering of appropriate Vocabulary to a Knowledge-starved Citizenry.

    Further, it would not be long before it became evident that some Religions were more prominently represented than Others. Human Rights Commissions would expand exponentially, providing more Employment for Adjudicators, Lawyers, and clerical Personnel. New Buildings would doubtless be required, providing Opportunities for Architects and those in all Fields of Demolition and Construction.

    In short, the Idea of Female Police Officers wearing the Hijab, carried to its logical Conclusion, could be the very Spark needed to trigger an economic Revival. But why stop at Police Officers?

    Surely every Representative of Government at every Level should be required to proclaim his Religion with appropriate Headgear. The Passport Office–the Liquor Store–the License Bureau–the Parks Department–the Recycling Depot–surely it is the Right of every Citizen to know the Religion of those working for Government! Otherwise we are left in the Dark, wondering, imagining, and supposing, and speculating. This is a grievous Waste of Time, debilitating in Effect, and a Drag on Productivity. No! A new Day we deserve, a new Day we shall have: a new Day will dawn!

    Hurrah for the Hijab!

    Dr. Idel Dreimer

  3. I am absolutely horrified, disgusted and embarassed to read this article regarding the toronto police forces being permitted to wear their head pieces, religious or not. I am astonished that this is Canada, that we stand as a strong, multicultural country that has allowed so many immigrants come into Canada for the opportunity of a better life where they can be successful and be happy. This is a POLITICAL question we’re talking about when we say the hijab, the jahovah cap, the tubans are allowed to be worn while on duty, Ezra makes a crucial point: how is this islamic person going to treat a case of rape or sexual assault again a woman? In their tradition, women are below men, so how is this equality?? I am appauled, no words can explain this enough to make sense to me.

  4. Continued:
    ** appaulled
    Furthermore, all of us Canadians should treat this as a very, very serious matter. Our country is going downhill and this is a PERFECT example why: because we’re allowing it to happen!
    As a blond caucasian young female, if I get arrested by a police officer wearing a hijab I can assure you, without question, I will be treated differently than a person who is wearing a hijab and being pulled over.
    When is Canada going to realize we’re CANADIAN?!

  5. this would not be happening in Alabama or anywhere in the USA.
    Bubba and the boyz would be correctly adjusting the issue…….

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