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6 Replies to “Michael Coren: Amnesty International. What went wrong?”

  1. First, I would try another browser. Second, I would wait a half hour or so. As soon as these clips are processed at the host site I am embedding them here and I find that sometimes it takes a while till people can see them, especially if you are in Australia for example. Google has massive RAM based server farms all over the world. MRCTV.ORG needs a bit of time to be able to propagate each video globally. So try say, Chrome first or wait a little bit. If you still can’t see the videos once they are over an hour old please let me know which ones especially interest you and I will upload them to youtube as well.

    I typically avoid youtube since they destroyed 3 years of my work but I do have a ‘throw away’ channel there for this purpose.

  2. AI and HRW have been deceptive about Muslim human rights violations for years. I was trying to find information on the civil war in Sudan way back in 1998 and AIs synopsis of the situation never once mentioned Islam or jihad leaving me to wonder why the northern Sudanese were persecuting the people in the south. I finally found information by Caroline Cox in the UK and the American group Voice of the Martyrs. Anymore I view AI and HRW as left wing shills.

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