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6 Replies to “A grim video about the facts on the ground for Jewish people in Europe today”

  1. Nice to see that Muslims are the “Ace of spades” when it comes to PC and multiculturalism… As if that should be any surprise. Wonder how Swedistanbul will be 20 years from now? Most likely judenrein under its new fascist occupiers I imagine.

  2. “a dirty jew we had forgotten to gas”

    The same exact thing happened to me in feb. But I live in New York City! I don’t look jewish but something about my manner or way of speaking alerted an arab that I was jewish. He started saying “looks like we got another one here, better make room in the gas chambers, better shove to old dead lady aside to make room…”

    I thought he was puerto rican because of the neighborhood and thought he was talking about the McDonalds staff because his order was taking too long so I assumed he wasn’t aware that there were mobs of people saying stuff like that in egypt. So I politely told him it was not in the best taste considering what is happening right now in the middle east.

    He responded by doing a 180 and trying to say, all big grins, he was a comedian and it was part of his act. I then said I didn’t know if he was catholic (“I’m not” he responded) But I was jewish and- (“I figured you’re a jew”) he then ignored me.

    When I got home I realised he had been talking about ME!!! . He had been nodding his head in my direction when talking about gas chambers.

    Had I recognized it at the time and beaten the tar out of him, GUESS WHO WOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED FOR HATE CRIME.

    Make no mistake, when you hear about the few times arab get beaten up, this is how those situations start. They actively incite people then claim its a hate crime when they respond physically.

  3. Yes, the political elite hates us and wants us changed out with arselifters instead. So far we don’t have sharia courts like in Britain. Maybe some un-official. We don’t have had christmas banned yet and replaced with winter festival. But we know they hate our flag, our anthem and everything else that is deemed as typical swedish culture. They are doing their best to wipe it all out or at least trying to stigmatizing us. Although we don’t have extermination camps yet, I believe that is the goal, the end game to exterminate us all. Our country is no longer a democracy but a democrature, the middle step in becoming a totalitarian dictatorship. There are already towns and villages where nearly half of the population are somalis, arabs or afghans or any other sort of MENA people.

  4. The world is sailing in dangerous waters in a leaky boat in the middle of a hurricane, yet I believe that in the long run freedom will prevail. But the long run may be a century or two long.

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