Video: Andrew Bolt convicted on ‘hate speech’ in the formerly free nation of Australia

and from what I can tell, like in Canada, the fact that what he said is demonstrably true has no bearing on the issue. It is only that what he said could potentially be offensive to people pretending to be Ozzie-Aboriginal.

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  1. LOL “..he suggested they were fair-skinned and of mixed-heritage…” Um, they ARE of mixed heritage. This was the problem. When people who are only a quarter black are all about their black heritage at the expense of their white heritage (reminds me of Halle Berry disregarding that she’s got a white mother) then to me it’s a bit dodgy. When we see that due to discrimination laws and loopholes it can appear that one race/culture gets more advantages than another, then it starts to get downright scary.

    Especially when we have so many laws designed to stop thoughtcrime. Defamation laws, libel laws, the Racial Discrimination Act and the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act.

    You just never know when someone, somewhere, is going to get offended.

    These are the offending columns – read them before they go down the memory hole.

  2. This is what happens when you let the left gain too much power.

    I have as much Cherokee blood as those two have black blood, I would never think of calling myself a Cherokee and I doubt if the tribal government would even list me as one.

  3. Mell Gibson is an Aussie. He hates the English with a passion and as such maybe its time for him to make a movie about the English in Australia.

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