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21 Replies to “..and they call Israel the ‘apartheid’ state”

  1. The left wants us to tolerate intolerant people, the Israelis refuse, for their good sense Israel is called an apartheid state. A lot of people in St. Louis and Kansas City have been thinking they are safe since they aren’t on the coasts, they call me a fool for saying there are plenty of jihadis living in both cities.

  2. Israel is worse than Apartheid. Even though they don’t have an official (legislated) policy of separation, their human rights record is abysmal. Furthermore what have the Israeli’s done fro the Palestinians apart from killing them. The Apartheid regime in South Africa had (between 1948 and 1972) built ten (10) universities especially for blacks. A man like Nelson Mandela could become a lawyer whithout paying a penny for university fees. The only other country in Africa that achieved something similar was the country that has just been demolished by NATO because the leader (Gaddafi) was too successful in uplifting his people. The average Libyan had a better living standard than any everage Englishman and possibly even American.

  3. Oh Yes!! I forgot. Even Robert Mugabe, who were not a South African citizen studied at a South African University. All those great places of learning has been destroyed since 1994. A South African degree obtained after 1994 has become the laughing stock of the world illuminati (graduates).

  4. ‘Furthermore what have the Israeli’s done fro the Palestinians apart from killing them’ You know, they provide them with food, electricity, water, etc…apart from that, a people such as the PalArabs do not exist, it’s an PLO invention from the sixties, but don’t let u confuse by those facts^^

  5. To D:
    Thanks. I wasn’t going to bother responding to this guy cause its a common tactic among the left and Muslims to create such monumental fictions that it is a Herculean task to refute it, and it ties up time and resources where I could be in fact showing first hand proof of constant Islamic atrocities (see yet another video on the new Washington DC jihadi up now) and offering a sort of victory to these morons. So I appreciate it when people to respond. Of course, the irony is, that there is some truth in his assertions about South Africa which was not much like it was sold to us at the time of the global boycotts. But real ‘Apartheid’ is in the West bank and Gaza where they actually kill people who sell their homes or properties to Jewish people.

    To be clear, the exact people accusing Israel and Jews of practising apartheid, when in fact there are over a million Muslims practising their ‘faith’ within Israel proper with full legal rights, far more in fact than they would have in any Islamic country, have laws on the books that say one may not sell ones own home or land to a Jew on pain of death.

    Just one of many proofs that the person you refute is highly disingenuous and hopes no one has the time or effort to look in to any of his fictional claims.

  6. It’s an irony is that the fictional claims are usually made by the people who are pro Israel.
    The tragedy of this kind of argumentation is that in order to bring home the point of an argument, we sometimes have to “jump over the fence”.

    I have many Jewish friends (some more than 60 years) and it makes me uncomfortable to have to say some of these things “against Jews”. If my brother, or my friend kills innocent people, I must talk. The problem with the “problem” is that the Israeli Government has gone far outside the norms of self defense while they merrily carry on blaming the Germans for things that has never been proved forensically. The most greatest an overwhelming problem is that Zionists close their eyes to many of the wrongs of their government. Jews have been used as cannon fodder by the Zionists ever since Herzl, Greenbaum, Wiesenthal, Eli Weasel and many other fraudsters.

  7. Fictional claims, go back to your leftist friends they will believe your bull, we do our own research and know the facts, which obviously you don’t.

  8. Richard, You have not explained why there are laws in Germany and most other European countries that prohibit research into ww2 including the holocaust. Explain why research is blocked and you and I can talk again. All the billions of words of fiction that is available, I have read them all, but there are large gaping holes in facts that I wanted to research, but nearly got locked up when I asked for a permit.

  9. I have never heard of historical research into WWII being blocked anywhere, I do know the selling of Nazi memorabilia is illegal to try and stop the raise of Fascism again. Are you sure this isn’t another claim made by the left that isn’t true?

  10. I did think of one reason why some politicians would want it to be illegal, the left doesn’t want people to know just how many of the modern leftist policies come from Hitler.

  11. Shame, Richie, my boy, You are running out of logical argument and have to start being fascicious. The only reason why the Zionists wont allow the Germans to repeal the laws that PROHIBIT (AND PUBLISH FINDINGS) into the holocaust is that the Zionists will stand exposed before the Left, Centre and the Right.

  12. Derick I suggest you see a good doctor about your delusions, I had relatives that were in the forces that liberated the death camps, in the 50s and 60s they were still having nightmares about what they saw.

    As far as being fascicious goes the current educational system doesn’t teach the facts of history like they did when I was in school. This change was done deliberately to prevent people from seeing what had failed before. If you think I am being funny about how the modern policies of the left is following what Hitler did I suggest you read up on Fascism and the Third Reich, if you have the capability of learning you will be shocked by what you find.

  13. Your family probably helped to clean up Eisenhower’s death camps where millions of German soldiers were starved to death.

    My Grandfather was a doctor in ww1 (British army) and my father was a doctor in ww2. Before his death in 1975 my father said to me that he does not understand the sudden rash of holocaust accusations that surfaced since 1960. He never liked talking about his experiences, but was adamant that ww2 was an unnecessary war by Britain. The notable thing is that it was during 1960 that the UN admitted that within Germany it self there were virtually no camp deaths.

    I can show you many books and notes that I have collected over the years. Every single one expounded the evil and what not of the Nazis, but nobody tells you how ww2 was started in 1933 by the International Zionist movement. Hitler was not even in full power by then.

  14. derick go tell your racist lies to the Marines, they may be stupid enough to believe them but I am not, if your father really told you those things he is a big a liar as you are.

  15. What racist lies. You have not yet told me why Germany has strict laws against investigating or researching the holocaust. It not help you any to call me names like self-hating Jew, or neocon, or neo Nazi or the dozens of others that has become the mode. Just answer ONE question. Second question: Who forced those laws on the Germans?

  16. Another thing, Dick. My father was there. He knew why the war was started. He also knew that the Zionists started the war in 1933. If you don’t even know that, then your education lacks all basics.

  17. derick you are so full of it that you aren’t worth talking to, I have talked to KKK members that have a firmer grip on reality. Germany started the war in 1938 when they invaded Poland, in 1933 the Jews were too busy trying to survive the Nazi’s to start anything. Since y0u are living in a fantasy world I am going to stop answering you, I have better things to do then talk to a racist asshole.

    FYI if your father was anything like you he spent WWII in detention along with the other British Fascist.

  18. Ok Dick, So you give up. Good for you. However, for the sake of your peace of mind, go study the causes of ww1 and ww2. Even if you wont admit, Like Winston Churchill did, that the Jews were their own greatest enemy, try to accept forensic scientific fact.
    Have a Good life. Sincerely, Derick

  19. Gosh, Life is interesting 🙂
    Something interesting re this Apartheid-State thing: A guy named “Milton Shain” who says he is a professor from the University of Cape Town, South Africa had just visited Canada to promote propaganda about how anti Semitic the Apartheid government was.
    At the same time my eye caught another interesting bit:
    Third International Session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine:
    Are Israel practices against the Palestinian People in breach of the prohibition on Apartheid under International Law?
    Cape Town, 5-7 November 2011
    District Six Museum
    Jury Members: Stéphane Hessel, Gisèle Halimi, Ronnie Kasrils, Mairead Maguire, Michael Mansfield, Antonio Martin Pallin, Cynthia McKinney, Aminata Traoré, Yasmin Sooka and Alice Walker.

    Saturday 5 November – Day One

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