Muslim Brotherhood Leader: “Every Israeli who enters Egypt–tourist or not–should be killed”

A very dialed-in reader of Vlad identified the cleric in the above clip as the man in the clip below, who was central in the whole, Rifka Barry incident. I recommend reading the comments below this post for some interesting revelations about Government supported, ‘Moderate Islam’ in the USA

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9 Replies to “Muslim Brotherhood Leader: “Every Israeli who enters Egypt–tourist or not–should be killed””

  1. that’s because it is, this guy was held up as a pillar of moderate islam when the whole rifqa barry situation was unfurling, the media were busy demonizing rifqa for fleeing the muslim community and the mosque lead by this man because she feared for her safety, countless articles were written assuring us that it was the “crazy christians” who brainwashed her and instilled in her ” islamophobia”. Now here is the man who lead the community advocating murder overseas. He has made repeated statements to this effect as well :

  2. Thanks, Omar – and yes, he does look like the same muslim.
    Look, these so-called leaders of such-and-such muslim sect, or tribe, or movement – usually trying to befuddle and pull the wool over the eyes of people with their so-called “Dr.” title, or mullah or imam or whatever – are continually declaring a fatwa (I prefer fartwa) calling for the killing (sic MURDERING) of someone who has told the truth, or insulted them in some way, however slight the “presumed” insult; or even calling for the death and eradication of a nation or people. It is happening more frequently with the current unrest in the Middle East and Pakistan; actually I read about a fartwa being declared just about every day.
    I’m sick of it, because it’s rubbish and ignorant and stupid – it’s also archaic and uncivilised.
    The world has the ICC (International Criminal Court) and the United Nations Securities Council – both have Charters to specifically investigate, issue International Warrants, and prosecute people in any country who pose a threat to a group, a person, a people, and a nation: that is part of their mandate to try and look after this world in which we live.
    The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court recognizes that the Security Council has authority to refer cases to the Court, where the Court could not otherwise exercise jurisdiction, usually where the accused is a national of a state party that has not signed on as States parties to the ICC Rome Statue. The Council exercised this power for the first time in March 2005, when it referred to the Court “the situation prevailing in Darfur since 1 July 2002”; since Sudan is not a party to the Rome Statute, the Court could not otherwise have exercised jurisdiction. The Security Council made its second such referral in February 2011 when it asked the ICC to investigate the Libyan government’s violent response to the 2011 uprising.
    I am writing this because there has to be some way the UN Securties Commission together with the ICC can take these people to task over their blatant death threats. Surely it can be done? It doesn’t matter what religion you espouse to, a death threat to an innocent person (or even if he/she has been found guilty in a Court) is a death threat, no two ways about it. If I threaten to kill someone because he/she has insulted me or even threatened me, I myself would end up in Court in a civilized country and be severely punished.
    Letting these muslims issue dangerous and uncivilized death threats willy-nilly is ridiculous and has to be stopped. It has to be taken seriously, and dealt with seriously, and with the utmost severity: but I have not heard a single peep out of the UN Securities Commission nor the ICC about these threats to people, persons and nations – even Governments are threatened with fartwas now (Pakistan issued a fartwa calling for the destruction of the USA two days ago).
    I don’t give a hoot what Death Cult, or religion, or faith, or movement they follow – but they are issuing death threats with impunity, and not being called out for it.
    I am not a legal person, but would like some legal-minded and knowledgeable reader to let us know whether we as ordinary people can demand that the UN Securities Commission and the ICC investigate and prosecute these heinous and ugly people. Please, someone give me a reply… can it be done?

  3. Incitement to murder.

    This turd was considered a ‘moderate’ and used to preach the same rot in American mosques. I think at the moment is is barred from entering the U.S., but in the age of O’turd he might still be invited for the iftar dinner…..

  4. Salah Sultan is a member of the Fiqh Council of North America, the judicial body of Obama’s favorite Muslim outreach group, the Islamic Society of North America. He is also the former director of tarbiyah for the Muslim American Society and the founder of their Islamic American University. They are all front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood here in America. MAS was the group that paid for Congressman Keith Ellison’s hajj trip last year. They are also heavily involved in college campus activity in both Canada and the states

  5. No, looks like the Columbus Dispatch article pre-dated Rifqa by a few years. The whitewash was published in response to one of Poole’s articles.

  6. Your typical moderate Moslem, I keep saying that the radical Moslems are the ones trying to change Islam to a peaceful religion but most people are so brainwashed they refuse to look at the evidence supporting my claim.

    Remember Obama spent years in Indonesia getting trained in the Koran, and then in the US joined Reverend Wright’s Church, Wright is a former Nation of Islam member and has preached hate for a long time. Obama was also raised in a Marxist family with a card carrying Communist as a mentor in Hawaii, in collage his friends were all radical leftist and his favorite teachers were all radical leftists.

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